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1062 days ago

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1461 days ago

The Weather Channel was once a triumphant network. Like many cable networks founded in the 1980s, it was launched with a singular purpose: weather 24/7. And, through the 80s and 90s, it was awesome. As someone looking to enter the field of TV weather, I was a loyal viewer in the 90s when I was in middle and high school. During that time, the maps were great, the music and local forecasts dependable, and most importantly, the weather was omnipresent and the analysis fascinating and detailed.

Flash forward to 2009. One indication I see of when a TV network begins to decay is to look at its logo. Once stylish and rounded, it is now flat with completely lowercase text on a bland, monochromatic square. But, again, a bad logo can be saved with good content. Sadly, that is gone.

First and foremost, The Weather Channel is now. SHOWING. MOVIES!!! This is crazy. Bill Cosby once wisely said that the Weather Channel has no reruns. Weather is ALWAYS happening. Now, they show movies that aren't even related to weather like "Misery." And, of course, they have their documentaries--sometimes airing during severe weather events!

Not to mention many of my favorite On-Camera talent is gone. No more Sharon Resultan. No more Rich Johnson. And, don't get me started on how Al Roker's show is insanely overexposed and overadvertised--not to mention it contains news and business stories--NOT JUST WEATHER!

Although thankfully its "Forecast Earth" unit is no more, it still seems to buy into the man-made global warming hoax.

There are times that its old purpose shines through, but unlike the old days, you can't just tune in any time and get some great weather.

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1461 days ago

The terrible downward trend of television scripted drama continues with Mad Men. Not only is its presence on what was once a movie network a shining example of Network Decay, the show continues to frustrating trend of unappealing "protagonists." Perhaps I am a purist, but I prefer my protagonists to be, you know, heroes. Sadly, the days of Hogan's Heroes (main actor who played the villain stipulated he would never win) and Star Trek: The Next Generation (creator stipulated no conflict--except manipulated by external forces like mind control--between the leads) are long past. Everyone has to have "layers," "grey areas," and the like. Don Draper is NOT an appealing character, in fact, all of the male leads in this show are jail-worthy. Just not appealing at all, I'd have to be a mad man to like Mad Men.

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