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8 days ago

blah blah blah. he lied. the bottom line of any church is to make money. the board of directors were more worried about making money than about integrity.

it is a wonder to me how you folks defending stanley don't see this, or at least have justified it so in your minds that you are incapable of calling a spade a spade.

god can keep his 'grace' if that means lies are okay with him. who needs it.

476 days ago

SO!  Now according to DEP, he is NOT Earl Paulk's nephew, but actually his SON, by Earl's sister in law and DEP's mother, and Earl's brother Don's wife, Clareice Paulk.  Donnie Earl announced this 2 Sundays ago at a Sunday service at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.  The depths of depravity of the Paulks is amazing and knows no bounds. 

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655 days ago

So now Benny Hinn has thrown a hissy fit and threatened to sue Youtube for copyright infringement if they didn't pull every video that mentioned his name, even in passing. This is wrong on so many levels. First off, is his name, Benny Hinn, a copyright? Also, many of the videos pulled had no mention of Mr. Hinn at all but were critical of televangelists in general and so Hinn's attorneys had all those videos thrown off also. So much for freedom of speech. It amazes me that Mr. Hinn has such a high opinion of himself that he threatens a public forum on the internet with lawsuits for daring to be in any way critical of him or of others who share his viewpoints. What is being witnessed here? Is this about God or about Mammon? Or just about Benny Hinn's desire to make himself a major pain in the butt. He has annoyed internet bloggers and he will regret that. For more information google benny hinn and youtube. Mr. Hinn has just made a fool of himself.
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662 days ago

moreover, the 1st baptist church organization, by 'convincing' stanley to go back on his word (in which he said, it was his strong belief that a divorced person should not be a pastor; i wonder how the 1st baptist organization changed his mind?) convinced him to forego being a good example of what a christian should be, and what a person of integrity should be. would it not have 'brought others to the lord' to see a man keep his word and stand strong in his beliefs? i guess the only difference was, if stanley stepped down, he and the church might have lost money, and THAT was the true bottom line. an opportunity to prove a man's character was lost, all due to the fear of loss of church revenue. i don't see what there is to respect here.

662 days ago

be that as it may, i don't see anything wrong with holding a pastor accountable to his word. i'm not a pastor but i am expected to keep to my word. why do we not hold these people accountable by the same measure? to me, to say one thing and do another amounts to a lie and that calls stanley's integrity into question much more than his being divorced does. it is too much to ask that a pastor not lie? if i were to make statements that were not true, i would expect to be judged by those who had trusted in me. it is a mistake not to hold pastors to at least the same behavior we hold to ourselves.

704 days ago

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lol i'd say oxygen could be put to better use!

705 days ago

Don Paulk is the co-pastor/founder of Chapel Hill Harvester Church/Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Decatur, Georgia.  In the last few months Don presides over the 'liturgical mass' at CHHC on Sunday mornnigs.  Bear in mind, these folks are Pentecostals, and no more Catholic than the man in the moon, but still they wear backwards collars and on Sunday Don can be seen wearing long liturgical robes and leading a "mass."  From top to bottom, the term that comes to mind for the leadership at CHHC is 'form without substance.'  They like to look the part of a pastor and wear robes, lead their small congregation in various kneeling and genuflecting exercises, but the reason WHY there is a small congregation there is because there is so much blatant sexual promiscuity at this Decatur church that 1000s have left there to find churches where the leadership has more self-control.  There are many women who have had affairs with Don Paulk over the years, as well as Don's brother, Earl, but they use the excuse of 'we're only men, take your eyes off us and put them on the Lord,' etc.  If you follow the logic of that, it doesn't matter what level of depraved behavior a church leader falls to, just ignore that and listen to what he says, don't look at what he does.  If you want to be in a church where anything goes and no one can preach any kind of personal holiness or responsibility because the leadership is actively engaged in depravity, by all means, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is for you.  Godspeed.  If you think church leadership should exhibit higher morals than that, keep looking.  The Cathedral is a cesspit of depravity and deceit. 

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705 days ago

worst.  president.  ever.  it will take the US decades to heal itself from the mistakes this man has made.
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707 days ago

Earl WAS the so-called archbishop of the ICCC that he himself began with John Meares. He was kicked out of the ICCC in 2005 after more sexual molestation charges were made against him. He still uses the title though. Google 'Earl Paulk' to see more about him. He was a prominent pastor in Atlanta, Georgia, for many years, was on TBN, wrote lots of books, hosted pastoral conferences, etc. but he lost it all because of his sexual promiscuity. Now there only remains a huge church his remnant congregation cannot afford and his nephew/son that he turned the reins over to (Donnie Earl) is too idiotic to bring in the crowds. Right now the "cathedral of the holy spirit" is on the books to be auctioned off on the courthouse steps of Dekalb County, Georgia. More as this developing story continues.

713 days ago

I have a little different perspective on Mr. Graham.  First off, I was offended by his statement during the service in the National Cathedral for the 9/11 victims, where he said that he was certain that "some" of the victims went to heaven.  I mean, honestly, that was just not the time to say a thing like that.  Secondly, for several years I served as secretary for Dr. Alesandr Haraszti (it's been a while, I'm not spelling that right) who was the man who helped Mr. Graham get behind the Iron Curtain for his crusades.  Dr. H had served Mr. Graham faithfully for years, getting doors opened to him that there was no way Mr. Graham could have done himself.  Dr. H. had been a well-respected doctor and scholar in Hungary and was able to open doors for Mr. Graham that made all kinds of things possible.  When I met Dr. H, he was in his 80s and had cancer.  He had no insurance because he had put aside his practice to help Mr. Graham.  He had asked if he could get insurance coverage under Graham ministries to help him since he was so sick.  What happened was, the Grahams ruled that since technically Dr. H. hadn't been an employee of the Grahams but was deemed a volunteer, he would not be given coverage or any help.  Dr. H and his family were devastated.  I was transcribing his book notes for him so he could sell a memoir and maybe get some money but he died before the book was completed.  It would have been nothing for the Grahams to help out this man who had helped them so much but instead they turned their backs on him and let him die.  That told me everything I would ever need to know about the Grahams and their 'compassion.'  This was about the time Franklin Graham was taking over the ministry and I've answered the phone several times at Dr. H's house when Franklin called.  Dr. H talked to him and tried to get him to help him out but to no avail.  I guess the deal is, when they need you, you're important, but when you have no further use, even an old man is tossed aside.  Unbelieveable but totally true.  I was there when all this happened.
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