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1027 days ago

I don't get how people can not like this movie? Predictable? Hardly. A great All American movie that shows 20th century America through the eyes of a slow, yet devoted and heroic man who just wants to make people happy, drink doctor pepper and be with the first person other than his momma to care about him. One of the best movies ever made. It was long but I didn't mind that at all. This movie alone makes Tom Hanks one of the top 5 actors in Hollywood.
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1039 days ago

I haven't been visiting RIA for a while now, but when I logged on for the first time in a few weeks the other day, I was SHOCKED! This is horrible, you can't check the latest reviews on your weblists, apparently you have to pay to make new weblists, and the overall format and design are crap. BRING BACK THE OLD!!!!!!!
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1040 days ago

This show is pretty funny. They just started running it on [email protected] I don't know what you are talking about with them ending in divorce, because that's not how it happens. They show you 20 years into the future when their daughter is all grown up and does a documentary on the family. You see various things that happen through the yeras from 1999 to 2021. In the end, the old couple in 2021 get back together after seperating for a few months because of their daughters documentary. They never got divorced, and it ends up with them living "happily ever after".
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1075 days ago

A lot of people don't really know a lot about this area. Rochester is very diverse and is broken up into several areas. Here's the 411 on them: First off, Greece, my part of town. Greece is NOT inhabited by a bunch of greeks, most of us have italian, irish, or german ancestory, but our three largest high schools all have greek names (olympia, athena, and arcadia) Many streets have greek names too. Greece is the 3rd safest community in america, and has the biggest mall (greece ridge center) on the east coast. Next, the city, the city is frowned upon by many of my fellow suburbanites who think it is all crime ridden run down ghetto. but thats not true, downtown has an a bit of an identity crisis, and the southwestern part of the city is pretty bad, but east of the Genessee river, and up by the lake, it is mostly nice neighborhoods with lots of historical victorian and craftsman style homes. If the city had a better school district, it would be my dream to buy a house on Oxford street. There is also Irondequiot, which many people think of as really kind of white trashy, but they aren't, they are just very Italian! Gates, just south of Greece, is the white trashy part of Rochester. The easternmost areas are the more upper class places; Brighton, Penfield, eastern Webster, and especialy, Pittsford. This area is where most of the young (sub)urban professionals live, that is where most of the new construction in Rochester is, and the average annual income is 88k a year, with most families making more than that. The people aren't really snobby though, which is a good thing. All together, Rochester is probably one of the best communities for living (hence the official slogan). We are one of the only metro areas with over 1million people in the country to receive an All American City award multiple times (the latest being 1998) for being a great place to live. And i believe it. And what's up with the stupid pictre? A roadsign that says "rochester" taken in the country somehwere durring winter with gray skys and bare trees in the background? Talk about an unfair image. Get a picture of the skyline of the Corn Hill neighborhood or something for cryin out loud!
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1076 days ago

All great lakes cities are some of the greatest places in america to live. I live just 60 miles east of here in Rochester. Nice people, good food (wings) and the weather isn't as bad as people say it is. If it would have not relied so heavily on the steel industry for so long it wouldn't be in the economic shape it is now. But it's sad, it really is a great city. Just an update, Buffalo's economy is actually shaping up now and it's having resurgence in it's biotech and medical industries that is bypassing it's loss in manufacturing. Buffalo is making a comeback, Rochester is (hopefully) on its way as well.
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1110 days ago

This one was good, but not as good as springs commercial the launched a while ago with the guys in the office dancing to "ohh baby baby".
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1148 days ago

It was the 1840's, but yes, that was important. Now if we could only improve some of the public schools in the inner-city and rural areas, we'd be all set.
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1148 days ago

Again, I'm not quite sure where the listmaker is going with this. Frederick Douglas was a major player in the abolitionist movement, but he didn't abolish slavery. He ran the movement from the city I live in, and we have statues and his house and all that. Lincoln sort of abolished slavery in 1863, with the emancipation proclamation (ofcourse that didn't free a single slave) and then most of the slaves got freed only when their states rejoined the union under after ratifying the 14th amdendment (maybe it was the 13th, I'm not quite sure). Anyways, Douglas contributed greatly to the idea of abolitionism, but he didn't end it.
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1148 days ago

Someone has their facts a little mixed up here. England (there was no UK back then) didn't do this, it was proposed for the constitution of the US, but was left out because it was deemed unecessary, because they believed that slavery would eventualy dissolve anyways (if the cottin gin hadn't been invented, they likely would have been right). It definitely took way too long for the US to abolish slavery, but England didn't beat us to it.
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1153 days ago

So long as she doesn't run for Governer. That is up to Tom Golisano, he needs to hurry up and join the race too. There's a good addtion to the list.... "Tom Golisano is elected governer of New York... and the state can finally get back on its feet again". That would earn 5 stars from me. I see Hilary trying to gain more support for 2008, but I doubt she is going to give up her seat in the senate.
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