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LOOK! Two Lightsabers! Calm outside, Unstable within. That describes how I usually am. I'm a Traffic Control Plan Designer, which basiclly means I draw up all the road closures. (How they get set-up and how I draw them aren't always the same). Most of the RIA members know me as numbah's main henchman, but unlike our resident Jedi, I am a Sith Lord! (hahahaha) I'm a Oklahoma Sooners football fan (Sooner born, Sooner bred, and when I die, I'll be Sooner dead), screenwriter, and have a obsession with Alice in Wonderland.

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Scion, OklahomaSooners, Sith

Favorite Music & Artists:

Audioslave, Ra, Metallica, Godsmack, Skillet

Favorite Books & Authors:

The Looking Glass Wars Seeing Redd

Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Stars & Directors:

Vanishing Point, Doctor Who, WWE

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BlueOrchid (45) on 7/10/2008 10:22:15 AM, said:

This guy's my husband and he's the most down to earth person I have ever met...he just needs to come onto RIA more! He hasn't been here in ages!

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 11/5/2007 1:07:59 AM, said:

Where are you, dude!?!?!?!

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 10/17/2007 5:23:48 AM, said:

Search party time again, methinks...

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 9/9/2007 11:38:36 PM, said:

All is well in Sooner Nation, no?

XAgent (32) on 8/25/2007 9:59:15 PM, said:

He was the patron saint of quality footwear.

BlueOrchid (45) on 8/24/2007 11:45:36 AM, said:

He's someone who can always make me smile!

XAgent (32) on 8/24/2007 9:58:56 AM, said:

There was a little green globule on his drum seat.

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 8/9/2007 11:52:04 PM, said:

God was here before the Marines, so you can give your heart to Jesus... BUT YOUR ASS BELONGS TO THE CORPS!

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 8/9/2007 7:38:45 PM, said:

"Who the f*** said that!?!?!?"

BlueOrchid (45) on 8/3/2007 1:41:52 PM, said:

Obsessed much? Go rate my WWTBAS list!

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 8/1/2007 6:50:54 PM, said:

Its Afghanistanimation!

louiethe20th (79) on 8/1/2007 1:59:38 AM, said:

Nice sabers!!! Now slash Numbah now!!! Slash him I say!!! Chop him down to size before his ego kills us all!!!

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 7/31/2007 12:43:10 PM, said:

I don't want a large Farva, I want a liter of cola!

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 7/30/2007 4:40:54 PM, said:

You boys like Mexico!?!?!?!

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 7/30/2007 2:03:09 PM, said:

You smell that, Rabbit?

BlueOrchid (45) on 7/23/2007 4:05:49 PM, said:


numbah16tdhaha (164) on 7/11/2007 12:28:08 AM, said:


numbah16tdhaha (164) on 7/10/2007 6:34:41 PM, said:

You can knock it off with the helpfuls before people get cranky...
*throws inverted horns as a salute*
Bevo, its what's for dinner...

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 7/5/2007 11:58:00 PM, said:


numbah16tdhaha (164) on 5/2/2007 10:04:44 PM, said:

I'm gonna send out a search party for his ass soon. He's gone MIA again...

BlueOrchid (45) on 4/20/2007 11:17:26 AM, said:

Love you, mister. Always will.

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 4/5/2007 10:05:50 AM, said:

The darkside I sense in you...

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 12/1/2006 10:29:29 AM, said:

That lightsaber seems familiar...

numbah16tdhaha (164) on 8/24/2006 3:29:45 PM, said:

The antics that ensue when you combine our powers are a thing of legend. Jacked up lists also help. The only bad thing I can say is he hasn't been around much lately!

BlueOrchid (45) on 6/12/2006 10:38:13 AM, said:

**WARNING: From Hatter's Girlfriend!** For one, he's wondeful boyfriend and he couldn't be a better one! I hold him closely to my heart, loving every moment of his sense of humor and his caring qualities! What can I say? I love him a lot! He's also a hard worker and will help out if need be. He's definitely got a great sense of humor when he posts on RIA (which is very few these days).

trebon1038 (65) on 6/10/2006 1:46:03 PM, said:

Hey he is a fellow Sooner fan, he cant be too bad!!!!