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I hate being over-praised,and I hate hypocrisy. I just want to be a back-stage guy. that's why I use "WE" than "I".

Do not take my weblists to be realities. Unfortnunately though, no one can stop my poems, and Sci-Fis/jokes though.I accept that, I'm stupid, but nothing should be done about. I don't have time to No sense in my writings? Leave them. Find them interesting? Oh good!... Ladies and gentle men, my real name, legitimized name will be now "Israel" Why? Because everybody begins to
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3 days ago

Your computer betrays you, and shows the public where the ads come from. Now people...where is this road leading? Where are we going now? To hell? To a place we don't want to follow? Again...the internet could ignite a very regrettable controversy, perhaps a double consequential impact. Again...the internet is a place of cowards driven by fear, to launch an offensive negative attacks. Guilt, and you may hallucinate that, your guilt might have been detected, and may give birth to negative outcome, therefire by trying to pre-empt. Even today's terrorists can launch not just verbal attacks, but cyber attack online.
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3 days ago

I dunno that, Alaska needs SuKkings to send a fire team Squad of navy SEALs, to stop weapons smuggling, and biological agents. Kahuna is the head here.

3 days ago

She can't talk with Katie Couric, when in coming to beauty. Not even Jessica Alba can't compete with her despite being a mom of an 18 year old girl.
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3 days ago

Surprise Attacks.

Season: Summer.
Weather: Hot dry climate. Temp: 37 degrees.

Vegetation: Sultry, scanted shrubs, cactii vegetation.

Country: Babel.
Town: Huzea.

Time: 0300 GMT. Afternoon.
"Operation Baked wheels"
Openning scene: Land. 49 T-YM Tanks caterpillars. 65 LZ-Amzhar-armoured vehicles machine guns. 50 RTF-777 Small rotor blades tanks.
Sky: 31 CT-4 Raad fighters. Babel was unawared, and caught up unprepared. Heavy army casualties.

Reason? Olden war awakened, when the Leagues has been imploring the country to give up the foreign terror sympathizers for trial. Babel refused, and continued to offend, and inflict more pains.
Latest arrivals.
Second Round:
Place: Huzea. Continous next. Ground Assaults.
Lates military Sci-Fis/comic
5 Batallions. All of them, are black Cushites from Cush. Cush as the cored hard member pillar of the League, with 1/2 larger army contribution to the League forces.

Tiger batallion 7, Black Cougar 1, Cobra 05, Ased 03, and Striker 02.

Hard armour: 33 T-77 Rhino tanks. 41 MG-76 Uni-Maximum, or MG-76 UniMax, hard cored armoured armed vehicle with Goronov. 50 spike Cibiriot-7 mobiles.

Air arm: 12 more CT-4 RAAD. Raad=is arabic word for thunder peal. 13 F-33-NB.
This is an enough full metal war cover for that operarion.
War effect: White, yellowish-bluish Smoke trails, luminous blazing speeding machs, and cibiriot missiles. Sparks of radio missiles, of cibiriot. IBX-Incindiary/charcoal/graphite missiles of fired by 12 more mini-Mole T-7 tanks with byres, rotating, in 360 degree, and points the barrel at 90-45 degree angles at minimum/maximum range Have also created a rather like white-yellowish cloudy atmosphere in the sky. The twon is about 53 kilometers to the capital of Babel. However, the enemy was not preparerd, and some of it's good jet fighter pilots were prevented by the League's pilots to jump in the aicrafts to meet up in the sky the enemy. No chances allowed. The only struggle is how to get out of this place quickly. No one is allowed to reach for an anti-aircrafts guns either ways. No alternatives. A lot of crying, wailings, and mix up circus, around. But the enemy has managed to grab the guns, and tanks, and there was a fight. Heavy casualties were mounting higher, and alot of critical situations are practically writhing. A grimacing situation.

...continued. As the Babel army was caught up by surprise attacks, a lot of casualties are mounting higher. Those who have survived are trotting away desperately trying to escape the fire storm. Those who are trotting away on one leg can't be mentioned, as they situation grew darker each minute, others are crawling away like babies, each one of them might have, either received a hit in the ankle, calf, or knee. A desperate attempt by a helpless army.
........Few hours later. Empty town. Left behind military vehicles, heavy machinery guns, military aircrafts, everything. only One thing, you have to do, is to carry away precious life, to reduce the problem.

This piece of writing is to play jokes at Numbah...

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3 days ago

Because you have been psychologically nightmarred by Jessica torturing you in those chambers of sex. You see? are even still wearing those heavy black belts, with heavy rings around your naked waist.

4 days ago

If this collosal bill would help the Americans...that would be fine. Going too fast...slow down.
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4 days ago

United Nations 24 hours observatory TV. 24 hours Humanitarian news, criminal trials, tribunal launching, General Assembly, UN efforts, and Environmental activity, wildlife watch. 24 Hours live.

Language features: English, French, Arabic, and Hebrew. UN HQ based.

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4 days ago

No let, let United States stay the course.


UNITED STATES need some tough guys who put their lives aside, real tough guys who play the war maverickly, without any fear to rumble with America, through out the years, day and night, every hour in the skies seas, and lands. A real military campaign. Running day and night. Something when it's over, and people ask the US, whether it's ready again one more time to play it or not? Whether the outcome was sweet, or bitter? Whether this world has some hidden humble people who seek peace than war or not? Whether the peaceful dialogue to end the conflicts was the golden key to solution was? Whether Iraq has a lot of volunteers to fight for it?

So I think, America should stay there, to taste the blitz of punishment.
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5 days ago

I raised this today, and guess what? there will be a problem, and we gonna pay for it. I ask president Obama, whether there were secret deal between the former administration and the news media whores to play a hoax, and introduce the mind control program to induce violence, and get America a chance to wage unreasonable wars with the people America sees as weak, and conquer them to exploit their lands like Iraq?
2.Question number two. whether the tales of the devil online are realities to resent violence, online to stir up world people against the west, and invade the western soil, and wage wars, thus brings a man-made catastrophes?
3. Thus mystery called BABYLON in the bible is the media in technical terms, demanding everyone, including starngers from far away lands to be married. Look, the media has biases, and betrayed the west in full details. I can confess that, America, or the west is behind this, and you who are at risk?...okay, this woman called the media dangerous gesture of offending the people, shouldn't be there any poisonous sting out of this in the future days? A very dangerous gesture. REALLY DANGEROUS, AND pose threats to the non-bound elements. I believe that, there is mother Babylon, the confusion, mystery, devil ambassador who finds ecstacy in our humanity destruction, and watch us annihilating ourselves yet in vain. United States will be blamed. we will investigate more, and we will expose them in details. However, the media nowadays is a whore sent by the governments to incite violence, and fool us.
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