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5 hours ago

It's not a screw-up, this is how it's supposed to work.

I'll put it in very blunt terms: If you know the right people, you don't even have to be rich to have real influence in this country. You can just go billions, even trillions of dollars into debt and then have everyone keep you afloat because they don't want to go down with you. That's really what the bailouts were all about in the final analysis.

If that's not bad enough, quadrillions of dollars worth of derivatives, swaps, and other exotic financial instruments have been created by the large money center banks, values that are not based on reality, or real world assets. The banks are reluctant to admit to the massive losses on their books, as doing so will mean them acknowledging their bankruptcy. Now the banks are using cheap Federal Reserve credits meant to keep them afloat to buy up assets; ports, roads, medium cap corporations, practically anything they can extract rent from, at pennies to the dollar. Money that is flowing into their coffers isn't being re-invested back into the economy, hence the slow growth and continued high unemployment, even in the midst of strong bull market.

Their aim is to concentrate as much wealth as possible in the fewest hands. That is the ultimate aim of a financial collapse that was manufactured. It's no mistake, it's deliberate.

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fame whoring is a growth industry these days for a reason.


People who do this are just trying to buy access in support of their personal business interests, usually to procure favorable regulatory treatment that allows them to gain the corner a certain market.

In terms of political parties themselves, they are just part of the strategy Washington uses to maintain control over the people. Create the illusion of democracy, freedom and free market economics, all while running a tightly controlled economic and political regime, where most of the spoils go to the well-connected at the expense of everyone else, who have to deal with declining wages, higher costs of living, and higher taxes, even as the people get lesser services.

All that's required to achieve this control is to convince voters that one political party has all of the answers, while the other has caused the problems.

Accordingly, Americans will continue to vote for candidates from one of the two corrupt parties in Washington. Thus, Americans get the same results regardless which party is in power. This is why income disparities continue to grow, why our industrial cities are becoming wastelands, why our private and public debt loads continue to grow regardless of who's in power.

When it comes to trade policy, monetary policy and foreign policy, both parties always agree. They are going to ship US jobs overseas, allow the Federal Reserve and Wall Street crime syndicate to commit massive fraud, and fight unnecessary wars to support this unsustainable monetary structure. Regardless who they vote for, we always lose. Thus, heading to the voting booth to support either party serves no purpose other than to endorse those policies.

On rare occasion when fraud has been exposed, none of the establishment crime bosses goes to jail. At best, one or two scapegoats are pulled from the bottom of the criminal food chain to serve as the "fall guy." But even the fall guys come out of the deal shining. In most cases, after a couple of years in club fed, they are rewarded by their colleagues for taking the heat.

Incredible how easy it is to play people against each other. Corruption is the main problem.

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I suppose the powers-that-be would rather have the public paying attention to this, rather than a potentially imminent world war based on lies. . .

www.filmsforaction.org/news/how_america_reacted_mil ey_cyrus_vs_syria/

2 days ago

It is reckless to get involved in a civil insurrection involving Islamist mercenary forces from other nations outside of Syria and al-Qaeda fighters. To place these individuals in power inside that country would create a sectarian bloodbath in both Lebanon and Syria. Millions will die. Throwing around allegations of chemical weapons is a desperation tactic on the part of the rebels and the West.

Assad has absolutely no political incentive to use chemical weapons in such as provocation, especially on the same day as a scheduled UN weapons inspection. But the besieged rebels who need outside support just to continue their insurgency do. They carried out the attacks, with the intent of blaming Assad. Now those supporting intervention in the West, the Wahhabi regime at Qatar, and others are crowing about "red lines" and how we need to intervene in favor of a ragtag group of radical militants.

Some in the West believe that a strike against Syria will be easy, just as Kosovo and Libya were in recent years. However, there are some key distinctions between those situations, which involved limited casualties on our side, and Syria. For one, the Assad government is armed with Russian Yakhont anti-aircraft missiles that can go toe-to-toe with our Tomahawks. Any air war or no-fly zone won't be a cakewalk, a one way street. Plus the Russians and the Chinese are not going to be push-overs in this case. We're not just risking an all-out regional war (likely, as it is already spreading over to Lebanon), but there's an outside chance that the superpowers can get dragged into an all-out war.

Qatar is one of key player here instigating these revolts, by financing them. They're seeking to overthrow the Alawite Syrian regime, which backs a pipeline connecting Iran via. Iraq to the Mediterranean coast, which will supply Europe with oil. Qatar, which itself has some new petroleum discoveries, wants to supply the same markets. The UK and France (who are pushing hard to overthrow Assad) has significant investments in the country and want to help Qatar with their geopolitical aims to become a regional power. The US and Israel want to contain Iran as much as possible and they figure that Iran becoming Europe's primary energy supplier will allow them to deepen their independence from the petrodollar system. This began in 2006, when the Iranians established an oil bourse which sold oil with alternate currencies. This is the real root of our opposition to Iran at the present time. In fact, most political conflict in the world today goes back to maintaining the globalized post-Bretton Woods dollar system in place.

So, all of these conflicts has much to do with energy politics and the balance of power in the region. The Syrians just pawns in a broader geopolitical game being played.

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6 days ago

The collapse of the Rupee is a harbinger of a broader downturn and perhaps more political instability, especially if the Federal Reserve tapers hot money flows that are supporting the bonds which India's central bank holds on reserve. This is basically the same problem that other larger developing economies like Brazil is having.

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10 days ago

Simple capitalism with honest trade is a win-win system for all interested parties. But without limits, capitalism usually morphs into oligopolies that control pricing and eventually an oligarchical system. That is what has happened here in the U.S. Think of it as someone who owns a Hummer, but doesn't have to adhere to speed limits, traffic lights or right-of-way. How much of a chance do you think you have, even if you own another Hummer?

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10 days ago

This is going to be a very good team. The Bengals are going to score a ton of points this year. They have quality talent and depth at WR, RB, and TE and a very good OL. The table is set for Dalton to make the jump. Their defense is also solid across the board.

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13 days ago

Could be regarded as someone who can get the nomination under the right circumstances. The conservative base loves the guy, especially after the recall election last year, which, if anything, showed that he's a durable political force. But I doubt that he helps much in the Midwest or even helps to win Wisconsin, and he's a bit of a lightning rod. Walker is just another politico with ties to oligopolistic business interests and large banks.

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