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Welcome to RateItAll!


With more than a million ratings across thousands of topics, RateItAll is one of the most extensive and diverse online databases of opinions, ratings, and reviews in the world.


RateItAll is a pioneer in the area of consumer-generated content.  The site was launched in 1999 to enable the free and unfettered exchange of ideas and opinions.  You can use this Web site to find and share opinions on consumer products, celebrities, politics, travel destinations, sports, and much more.


Here's an example: our opinion-sharing technology lets you view a list of top-rated Rock & Pop CDs. Then, by clicking on a specific CD, you can read comments about that CD left by other visitors. If you'd like, you can also share your opinion on the CD. Please click here for help using our service.


RateItAll also offers a special filter that lets you isolate the opinions of men, women, and people in different age groups. Here's an example: you can filter our list of Drama Movies to isolate the opinions of women age 19-25.


The RateItAll WebLister tool allows users to create, promote, and publish their own interactive ratings lists.  WebLister gives registered RateItAll users the ability to create and manage structured, contextual discussions around virtually any topic.  Click here to learn more about WebLister.


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Privacy Policy


RateItAll takes your privacy very seriously. We will NOT release your personal information without your consent, and we are certified by TRUSTe, an independent privacy watchdog organization. Please click here to learn more about our privacy policy.


Press Room


RateItAll has appeared in RedHerring.com, Fast Company, the San Francisco Chronicle, and other major publications. Please click here to read our press releases and find links to our press clippings.




RateItAll is growing fast, and we're always looking for talented people to join our team. Please click here to see our job postings.


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