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  1. What kind of company is RateItAll?
  2. How can I license RateItAll reviews for my Web site?
  3. How can I advertise or partner with RateItAll?
  4. How can I contact RateItAll?

1. What kind of company is RateItAll?

RateItAll is an online community for opinionated individuals. With more than one million opinions, RateItAll has one of the largest databases of consumer-generated content in the world.

This Web site is the hub of our opinion network. It's a great decision-making resource for consumers, and it showcases RateItAll's opinion-sharing technology and content. You can use this Web site to find and share opinions on consumer products, celebrities, travel destinations, sports, and much more.

Here's an example: our opinion-sharing technology lets you view a list of top-rated "Rock & Pop CDs." Then, by clicking on a specific CD, you can read comments about that CD left by other visitors. If you'd like, you can also share your opinion on the CD. Please click here for help using our service.

RateItAll also offers a special filter that lets you isolate the opinions of men, women, and people in different age groups. Here's an example: you can filter our list of "Drama Movies" to isolate the opinions of women age 19-25.

RateItAll's WebLister allows registered users to create, promote, and manager their own interactive ratings lists.

2. How can I put RateItAll's content on my website?
RateItAll is dedicated to helping other companies integrate user-driven opinions into their Web sites. We provide a turn-key content solution, including access to the dynamic content of our "opinion network." Please click here for more information on our business services.
3. How can I advertise or partner with RateItAll?
For information on advertising or partnering with RateItAll, please e-mail Lawrence Coburn.
4. How can I contact RateItAll?
General Inquiries & Comments: [email protected]
Business Services & Advertising:

Lawrence Coburn
[email protected]

Problems with the Web Site: [email protected]
Job Inquiries: [email protected]
Additions to Ratings Lists: Please click here.


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