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1. love cats and dogs 2. like working out at the gym 3. just had a baby at 39 yrs. old! 4. fan of Rosie ...

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Hi, im a 22 year old female who is currently going to school for cosmetology i am a exotic dancer and i model ...

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Hi im Stephen Ryan King but you can call me Steve most people do!

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Married woman with 7 yr old boy

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AFI's 100 Years 100 Movies

This was a television special update in 2007 listing the 100 best movies in the past 100 years.


This list serves to complement any list of American motion picture masterpieces, with titles from erstwhile natio...

Weird city names

These are real cities!! How funny can they be? (If you have to send a suggestion, please verify by mapquest.com ...

American Idol Songs

All American Idol songs that Made any music charts.

Great Songs By Girl Groups

Songs by Girl groups from 1955-2000 that have gone to #3, #2 and #1.

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AFI's 100 Years 100 Movies (by Gloomyeeyore)

This was a television special update in 2007 listing the 100 best movies in the past 100 years.

Movie factors (by ma duron)

What is it that draws us to a motion picture experience? It may depend on the subject matter, the message or cont...

Do Gooders (by Suzysway)

Characters in history, fiction, and pop culture as well as popular organizations that were known for or are to th...

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