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21 days ago

Give me a break, people. This guy will most certainly go down in history as THE worst president ever. Never mind the unnecessary wars, warrantless wiretapping, ridiculous foreign policy, Abu Graib, speeches that could never pass " Are You Smarter Then a 5th Grader?", “Brownie doing a heck of a job” circa Hurricane Katrina, “Mission Accomplished”, no WMD’s, tax cuts for the wealthy, backing Alberto Gonzales, the squandering of a near $3 trillion surplus into a $1.2 trillion deficit...and…on, and on, and on..

Listen, people…it one thing to tug on the ol’ heart strings when a completely useless ex, who contributed absolutely nothing to your welfare is escorted out the door, but never lose sight of the actual reality while you were living it…

And if that’s not enough to jerk back the tears, here’s another two words that should do it – Dick Cheney

Good riddance Bush…good f***ing riddance. See you on the nonexistent speech circuit (unless you get a special on Comedy Central or in Hell).
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26 days ago

Don't even listen to this idiot, Lawrence. Reading his pointless reviews I have come to the conclusion that even a syphilis-laden whore has a better outlook on life. Moving on....

26 days ago

Comment Icon frogio commented on a review of V3 Site Speed in V3 Feedback:
And your a dickless moron. Find a bridge asshole.

28 days ago

(bleep) FROGIO WILL MAKE A REVIEW IN....5....4...3....2....

frogio: Man, that's not even fair.
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28 days ago

Can we tone it down here a little, please? Geeze, my retinas are starting to burn! Maybe a kaki or an off-white could be of more assistance to us night owls. After all, vision is an important aspect to typing reviews.
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28 days ago

Smoke a fatty first and the star instantly becomes a best friend. All of a sudden I want to bring my laptop to the couch and stuff Fig Newtons into its disc drive while watching "Drawn Together"...mmmm, Fig Newtons....
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28 days ago

V3 means to me:

1. Very confusing.
2. Very lonely.
3. Very aseptic.

I feel like I should spray Windex on my computer screen before I post this.
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28 days ago

Hello? Is there anybody out there? HELLO!?! I've got something to say! Damn white noise. Damn white screen. (sniff)
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43 days ago

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44 days ago

Politicians don't lie; they truly believe their bullshit. However, in their defense, it only becomes bullshit when the voters realize they have only been lying to themselves.
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