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Toys R Us
7800 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati ,  OH   45236-4388
United States
Phone: (513) 791-8697
Added on 12/22/2004
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Toys R Us 1

I purchased a pre-sell deposit for Let's Rock Elmo and when it was available in store I went to get it.When I approach the customer service and inquired about where I should pick this item up,I was told,"go get it off the floor it's in the preschool aisle.It's down that aisle there."I went to the preschool aisle but could not find them in that aisle.I did find them.I went to the checkout.When I put the item on the counter and handed my pre-sell deposit receipt to the cashier(as I was told to do by customer service),he had NO idea what to do with it or even why I had handed it to him. I explained what I was told and then he called another associate over and explained what he needed she asked if I wanted to return something.I told her what the deal was with what I was purchasing and she did something with the cash register and said ok there the $5is taken off.I asked about my $10gift card which I was to get with this purchase the girl walked away.Another guy came and he finally fix it.

Train ALL employees of Toy's R Us to know what is happening in the store such as promotions, dealing with pre-sell deposit items, any sales and that the customer is important(more important then discussing personal life happenings while a customer waits) and that without the customer they would not have a job! I know this is probably discussed during training, but maybe employees need to be reminded of it! Employees need to have courteous attitude toward the customers and not be rude and have bad attitudes.

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Toys R Us 2

Toys R Us is still considered the top seller of toys in my area, but for no good reason. A great store should activate a childs imagination with a fun, creative layout (think FAO Schwartz) and not feel like an overrun K-Mart. I've also gotten annoyed being asked my phone number each time I make a purchase, which I always imagine someone is going to scribble on a bathroom wall.

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