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German Shorthaired PointerGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:3.29 based on 24 ratings
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jagerbomber (0)
I have a GSP for bird hunting purposes. Shes a great dog. Good with the kids, loves to play ball with them. She is an excellent bird dog as well. Had a male GSP when i was younger and he was a brute. He was aggressive to people he did not know but if you were with one of us he was fine with you. Great dogs though!

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dakotabarbay (2)
This is the best breed for someone who loves being active. They are the most expressive dogs in that you can tell exactly what they are thinking by the look on thier face and position of thier tail. I would say they are the most athletic dogs and can do anything they decide to. They are extremely easy to train, and very smart. I have found ours to be sensitive to our feelings as well, getting upset if my husband and I fight. They are so smart, that if you aren't on top of things they can quickly outsmart your efforts. Ours is calm in the house, and wild outside chasing squirrels and rabbits out of the yard. In the field she's a hunting machine and instinctively pointed quail at 8 weeks old. She is so smart, and hunts so instinctively that she makes me look like the best trainer in the world, when in reality all I've done is exposed her to as many things as possible and let her own instincts shine through. She is super cooperative and a joy to have around. I have not found her to be overly hyper, but she is very well bred. I would recommend this dog to any active outdoors person, but I would definately get a well bred one to avoid the hyperness that has created the stereotype about them.

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Drummond (60)
I had a German Short Haired Pointer as a kid, named Bridget (she answered to birdshit). Unlike most of the breed, she didn't have her tail cropped, and we learned why. When that thing whipped around and hit you in the naked calf or thigh, it could sting! But she was the smartest dog I'd ever met. She'd been trained for hunting, but we got her because she freaked out when she heard gunshots. I see that as evidence of higher intelligence. And I learned from her that the difference between animal intelligence and ours really is a matter of degree not kind, and that Descartes' admonition that "beasts abstract not" is false. She was trained to point at birds, but would use the language to point out other things such as kids on the other side of a field. We spoiled her rotten and she ended up sleeping on our beds, at times practically forcing us off. When she died, we mourned her almost as we would have mourned a member of the family. At least I did.

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mixitup (0)
Great dogs, but only get them of you have the time for them!! They are not for everyone. Research the breed so you know what taking care of them well entails.

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Rusty (0)
My parents bought a purebred GSP three years ago and it is an incredible animal. A perfect canine pacifist. Not a mean bone in his body. But ultra-hyper and incapable of sitting still for more than two minutes at a time because it's just so full of energy and love for people. And if they aren't washed regularly, boy, can they stink! They're just big galumphs who will do anything for lovies. GSP's are great!

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rgoulet (0)
This is the BEST dog EVER!!!! What a lame ass bunch of comments. Let's try getting a little more insightful for the love of god. I've owned my GSP for 5 years now and let me tell you it's been a challenge. He is a stubborn, dominant dog and any faults in his personality have been completely my own fault. Unfortunately he was my first dog and I was inexperienced in his training. I advise strongly that when purchasing your first dog you learn all you can about the way a dogs mind works. The GSP is a very smart and clever dog and will quickly learn to 'out smart' you if you let him/her. On the plus side he is easy to train, but his stubborness makes him less apt to listening to you unless you're always consistent and he thinks of you as Alpha. Over all he is an excellent companion who would be even greater with the proper training. I'm constantly training him and attempting to break him of the habits our family caused when he was younger.

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