Westinghouse LED 32" HDTV LD-325 Series TV

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Westinghouse LED 32" HDTV LD-325 Series TV 3

I purchased the 32 inch Westinghouse LED about 3 weeks ago and the color is great. What I discovered is that while the package lists a standard viewing angle, the color washes out at about 100 degrees from frontal viewing. Flesh tones get much whiter the closer you move toward the edge of the viewing range.

I plan to return the unit in favor of an LCD unit within the next few days.

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Westinghouse LED 32" HDTV LD-325 Series TV 5

This TV is so new that it was just introduced in June 2010, and so far just Costco and Amazon carry it. I researched LCD TV's to buy 2 for my kids. Looked everywhere, Best Buys, Sears, WalMart, etc. Read everything I could find. We went to Costco to see what they had Philips, Vizeo and Panasonic...and this new Westinghouse. The differences in pisture quality right there in front of us was obvious! The Westinghouse had blacker blacks, and a brighter picture overall. The colors were detailed and poped right off the screen!

Why? It turns out that this Westinghouse is the first of a line of inexpensive LCD TV's, with what is called LED backlight lighting. We walked over to the next row of TV's where they were bigger, and at $2000.00 and up...more expensive! Several of the higher cost TV's were also LED back lit lit.
"An LED backlight replaces the evenly-distributed fluorescent lights you're familiar with (CCFL) with an array of small, independent LED lights, which can vary in intensity and cover different parts of the display as needed. This means greater accuracy for colors and contrast, as well as brighter, more brilliant illumination overall. Not to mention the advantages of having a thinner, more energy-efficient flat-panel display." Generally this gives you blacker blacks on the screen, and much better color contrast.

A cheaper system is called an "Edge Lighted system", is not as good at all...the contrast, colors and dark colors are washed out in comparison.

So at $349.00, the Westinghouse appeared to be a bargain!

Now Westinghouse itself has been around since the very first TV's were made, back in 1950's. This 32" LED Westinghouse has a lot of good stuff! First of all, it only uses less that a 60 watt bulb worth of electricity, weighs a feather like 13 1/2 lbs, and is only 1 1/2 inch thick! Unlike the other LED TV's we saw, this Westinghouse has dual tuners, the older pre-digital and newer digital tuners (NTSC, ATSC tuners)! And surround sound speakers that actually sound good.

A cheaper system is called an "Edge Lighted system", is not as good at all...the contrast, colors and dark colors are washed out in comparison.

One electronic magazine said "LED-backlit LCD televisions are the highest-quality high-definition experience available. If you're someone who absolutely must have the best, most cutting edge viewing experience, these televisions are for you. For the average consumer, LED is still an expensive luxury that can be forgone until the prices drop to more attainable levels."

Well guess what...that "attainable level" is now! And Westinghouse has the ball and is running with it. $349.00! And at Costco that comes with a 2 year warranty and a 90 day return policy!!

We saw some slightly bigger Back-lit LED TV's at Costco for between $1600.00 and $2800.00!

Any way, thought you might find this useful at some level, it was very much an eye opener for us! Now I have to get one for me and the wife!

For you tech guys!
Screen Size: 31.5″ Diagonal
Native Resolution: 1366 x 768
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 100,000:1
Viewing Angle: Horizontal 176° / Vertical 176°
LCD Panel with Edge-Lit LED Technology

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