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Jogging 4

I like the accomplishment of it. During and after, I feel so cool. HahaHAha. So I can see what I can do and you can see what I can do. Besides this, the fitness aspect and the runner's high, there's really no other reason to have this as a pastime. Name another!

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Jogging 4

We have this canal that runs through Phoenix and Scottsdale which is known as "the canal". Numbah I'm sure knows what I'm talking about. This canal has wide paths for jogging on both sides of it that are packed dirt and are soft on the feet. It runs right next to busy roads, but is above the road and there are palm trees on the sides so you somewhat forget that you're running alongside busy streets. I can't run for too long a distance but I find it relaxing and enjoyable to get out there for a couple miles, and there are always a few runners out there day and night.

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Jogging 5

I have been a lifelong runner, though admittedly, I've slacked off lately. When I was younger I really enjoyed running in the rain, especially when it was pouring. Getting too old for that now, but I still enjoy jogging.

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