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Added on 05/11/2004
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KittyCrookshan ks

Open Diary 4

I absolutely love this website, have a frequently-updated diary and have made a few online friends, too, but I have to give this website only four stars because sometimes it has server problems and the pop-ups annoy me. One of my favourite websites online, though. Reccommended.

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Open Diary 5

I kept a blog here for a couple years; it was a wonderful place, and I made a lot of online friends, one of whom turned into an offline friend as well. It was easy to use, secure, and had generally good performance. It's not for all tastes--a lot of the writing is definitely TMI. Once in a while I'm tempted to go back and do it again.

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Open Diary 4

One of the early pioneers of online journaling, it's been through quite a few mutations over the years, even breaking up into two separate sites at one point (freeopendiary and opendiaryplus, though the naming methods changed quite a bit). As of right now, it's relatively easy to sign up, and the 30k characters-per-entry limit is far more reasonable than their previous 7k limit. I've gone around and tried other sites, and while others have a lot of extra features that OD somewhat lacks, I've kept with OD largely for the comraderie that I haven't encountered elsewhere. (Your results may vary.)

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