Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 1

Great, a bunch of college-aged people engaging in their first amendment right of freedom of speech. However, I have a question did they actually accomplish anything?

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 2

People bitch when they feel frustrated and powerless. They demonstrate to show they are coming of age. For Gen X (age 31-50), OWS is a bitchfest. They had their chance 12 years ago and blew it. For Gen Y (age 11-30), OWS is a rite of passage.

Boomers had their rite of passage prematurely, in the late '60s rather than mid '70s, because they were forced into it by the Vietnam war. The immaturity of their hippie movement embarrassed them into silence in the '70s, causing them to miss taking the White House when they should have, in 1980. Instead of a Boomer President, we got dinosaurs Reagan and Bush Sr. I despise Boomers for their self-righteous hypocrisy, but have to give them credit for idealistic changes to the legal system with civil rights and ending the Vietnam war. While in their yuppie chrysalis, they thought all they had to do was avoid becoming Archie Bunker like their parents. They didn't, and still don't, get the evil in metamorphosing into Gordon Gekko.

If Generation X had demonstrated in 1998, we wouldn't have been stuck with George W. Bush. Remember, he won by one vote in the Supreme Court. It doesn't get any closer. (Rhenquist's deciding vote was obtained criminally, but that's another story.) Instead of W., we should have gotten a Gen. X caretaker President to hold the fort until Gen. Y was old enough to take political leadership in 2016, at the bottom of an inflationary recession and heading into a world war with China.

We passed the point of no return in 2000. Gen. X's inaction gave Boomers eight years to rape the Constitution, loot the Treasury, pillage industry and housing, and burden us with an additional five trillion dollar debt. Obama arrived eight years late and there's nothing Gen. Y can do about it except go through a spiritual crisis. At least we don't have to put up with love beads and sitar music this time (says he, turning up the volume on Paco de Lucia playing Entre Dos Aguas). I miss those cute hippie chicks, though.

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 4

Might be the ray of hope we've been looking for.

Could be a flash in the pan.

Potentially more significant:


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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 4

Unfortunately, I have to admit that it is a significant event, and it is possible, that it will blow us in the face some time in the future. Now, it might be funny that two youngsters are staying on Castro with plackard "Occupy Mountain View!". but that might be just beginning. There are too many unhappy people, who just wait for miracle to change their lives...

You know, this Occupy Everything movement caught me off guard. I left a socialist country for the USA, because I did not believe in on these nice slogans. There is no Socialist country I was born any more, but Socialism is coming here, actually coming anywhere.

It is easy to understand. I work hard and have not enough. You are rich, you have more than enough! Now, let’s share! You do not want to share, be sorry! Because all my neighbors think that what they have is not enough! So, they will come with me to help you share what you have! You are rich, I am poor, and it is not just!!!

Do you think that there is something new? Nonsense, remember Paris Commune? October revolution in Russia? Revolution in China? Cuba? Revolutions in African countries on the money of the Soviet Union? There is no one single example in the history of the long-term success of the socialist society. Because, people who scream loudly about justice, somehow forget about justice, when they become a ruling group, party, or class. Because, when you become rich, you can play along with this injustice just fine.

And you know what? I do not know a single emigrant from the former socialist countries who sympathizes this ridiculous movement. May be, because they are familiar with the possible outcomes of the social revolt.

It might be fun, it might feel rush in your adrenaline glands, you may feel the friendship and community on the street, you may feel that you are fighting to the right cause. So, enjoy! But G-d forbids, you ever win.

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 4

Completely disorganized party. Some people do not seem to know why they are even there. Some protesters seem to be using it as a catch-all for any type grudge they can carry. Occupy would greatly benefit from an MLK or Ghandian type leader to unify things. If they could break it down to say, 3 or 4 unified points (corporate greed, government structure which has allowed said greed to run rampant, taxation on the super rich, et al) I think more people would get on board with it.
Realistically, I should have given them only three stars based on what I've seen. But I'm rooting for them despite their structural problems, so they get bumped an extra star.

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 3

Moderate story.

They're not going anywhere. . .and the fox news namecalling tactics have not impressed the general population.

Personally, I think it's high time a generation got sick and tired of an older generation playing roulette with their investments, telling them healthcare in not a right, crashing the housing and fiscal markets, and then telling them to be thankful to a false god for all of this to finally get a backbone and stand up. ..

An easy three. . .not a big deal - but they aren't going anywhere. . .and the support for many (not all) of these people has flummoxed the illiterate media used to sound-bit philosophy.

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 5

UPDATE : Why is it "sports fans" can overturn a FIRST AID vehicle in a "protest" in defense of Coach Paterno,Friend and Confidante of Child Molesters & nobody sez "Boo" ! While ANY ruckus at a huge protest of the violation of the average citizen by the Wealthiest 1% is scrutinized & whined about ad nauseum ? Original Review : It has spread and grown,much to the chagrin of the greedy minority & their minions.People are fed up with living on the crumbs and sops that "trickle down" from the Ivory Tower. These protestors are NOT "miscreants" or "Lazy rich kids", they are people of all ages from all walks of life.Many of the younger ones are college graduates saddled with debt from student loans while they can't even find work,or at "best" end up flipping burgers with their expensive degrees gathering dust.Others are hard-working middle class people who lost their jobs and/or homes to the banks we all bailed out,or folks who worked at jobs with no health coverage and lost everything to an illness that saddled them with hospital and doctor bills they can't pay if they want to eat & sleep indoors.They are NOT violent, they are NOT stupid,and they are NOT going to go away. God Bless every last one of them.They're fighting for all of us,well,OK, 99% of us.

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 4

Here's one of the vids that show the SECOND most effed up thing that happened to Olsen, and it makes an attempt to show the initial strike, but some pedestrian is in the way. Watch to the end, it's pretty screwed up.

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 4

Hmm... saying I have my doubts is perhaps understating my pessimism about the whole thing. Am I against greed? Sorta. Do I think that we're not playing on a level playing field? Absolutely. Am I hesitant to support the demonstrators because I find the partisan nature of the protests disappointing? Dingity fuckin' ding. Then there is this:

That's Scott Olsen. He was hit by something at Occupy Oakland. Protesters maintain that the police shot him with a non-lethal at point blank range, police say he was hit by a bottle thrown by another protester. Scott did two tours in Iraq with the Marines. This SHOULD bring me over, but there's a hitch. According to accounts, Scott ran a website that encouraged current and former Marines to share their hate for the Marine Corps in a forum where they could remain anonymous.

This purports to be an archived screenshot of said website when it was still active.

Well, I'm kinda fuckered here, to be honest. Where to go? What to do? Too many agendas, too many people trying to make the shit ton of raw data out there tell the story they want told. I almost feel silly for trying to break it down and find the truth in things, but I will persist in picking shit apart, I suppose.

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 4

I give them credit. I must say that some of them out there should probably educate themselves as to exactly why they are protesting. Regardless though they feel in their heart that something is not right, and that is true. It's inequality and misinformation people are mostly upset about (IMO) Everyone on this planet should be able to eat a hot plate of food, take a shower, and clothe themselves.

Well, I am all for taking down the Federal reserve but before doing so I believe there should be another plan in place because if there is not things could get real ugly...

Here's some info for you if you are not aware why people are against the federal reserve: The Federal reserve system is the central bank of America but it's not part of the government, the own the politicians and presidents, they are the ones who have the power in this country.

Just some info for your muse.

Goooo Occupy wall street, I will continue to donate what I can locally here in Miami.

Now, I am only wondering if there is going to suddenly be a new drug that pops up to distort them like the hippies. I hope not! I do wonder how the tea party people feel about this?


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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 4

I downplayed this initially, but there's something going on here--OWS is taking a life of its own. A lot of those kids on the street probably understand it more than most. Like it or not, it's a political force that has to be accounted for. Is there any political program or any real organization here? No. But there's a fundamental understanding that the political and financial orders have become calcified by years of corruption and insider dealing. The theft, the fraud, the financial manipulation is what they're charging against. It isn't based on any seated animus/envy/jealousy of the rich. It is an attack on wealth gained by ill means, which amounts to the quadillions, if you consider the full weight of derivative contracts with absolutely no collateral value backing it.

Just to put it in perspective, the entire net worth of all the assets on this planet is only 40% of the $1.5 quadrillion that has been leveraged out over the past 15 yrs. alone. If you want to know why the financial system is collapsing, look no further than here. There's no real money backing these contracts, that governments, businesses, and others have to acknowledge nevertheless!

Pay to play politics, deregulation of key financial institutions (esp. bank capital requirements and leverage limits), and the removal of any type of moral hazard has all contributed to create the current circumstances. The financial institutions did not win in the game of life, they cheated their way there. The game is rigged. People just want a level playing field, and they want Wall Street to give up their government-sanctioned "cheat codes", things like:

Free money courtesy of the FED and Treasury--Ordinary citizens borrow money at market rates. The Goldman Sachs and Citigroups of the world get trillions of dollars for free, thanks to the government printing presses. They borrow at .0010 pct. and then lend the money back to the government at 2-3 percent. These banks are essentially middle men who take a gigantic cut while the government lends money back to itself. Of course, many of the these same large money center banks then go back and lend mortgages to the general public at four pct., or credit cards at 20-25 pct. This is essentially a government license to profiteer on the backs of the taxpayer. But even with all this free money, the banks are still practically insolvent, if not for daily access to the FED's discount window.

Then we have the elimination of "moral hazard"--"Something for nothing" has become Wall Street's official motto. Getting bailed out has been their modus operandi for many years now. Time after time, when big banks get drunk on leverage and make bets that blow up in their faces, it is the taxpayer that is expected to bail them out. Doesn't matter if it's the Mexican currency bailout of 1994 (when the US government bailed out speculators who gambled on the peso), or the World Bank bailout of 1998, a bailout of speculators in emerging markets, mainly in Asia, or the Long Term Capital Management bailout of that same year, where the rescue of a harebrained hedge fund scheme was deemed a matter of international urgency by Alan Greenspan, its all the same story.

Now its much different though. The amounts of the bailouts are getting very large due to the leverage balloon that has been created since the 1990's. The 2008 bailouts have been very costly, but once sovereign states begin to go under, it is going to get mighty interesting. There's not enough money in the world to bail these banks out. Even the IMF is out of money! Bank interlending markets are freezing up, albeit slowly this time, as the full weight of these debts becomes apparent. In the meantime, we will continue to see institutional investors being made whole on their losses. Yes kids, Joe the Plumber buys a house that he can't afford and loses it in the process, but powerful and well connected players get a costly bailout. People see this difference and understand it.

And of course, these same institutions don't pay any taxes either. Goldman Sachs only paid 1 pct. in taxes out of gross revenues, and Bank of America actually got a $1 billion tax credit. Citigroup and CIT won't be paying taxes for years to come either. And to top it off, many of the perpetrators have what really amounts to a "get out of jail for free" card. Look at the Abacus case, where Goldman Sachs helped a hedge fund investor by the name of John Paulson swindle a pair of European banks for a billion dollars. The punishment for the crime tells you the whole story about how bifurcated our justice system has become. As part of the settlement, Paulson had to pay back $500 million, just half of what he stole. Can anyone imagine a common thief being caught by the police and being sentenced to return half of what he stole?

In short, there are fundamental inequities that are driving these protests. People don't really want handouts, nor is it a class uprising in the classical sense, nor is it anarchists/commies stirring up trouble. In many respects it is motivated by a sense of egalitarianism--people want to live in the same country and by the same rules. Is that really asking for so much? Indeed, it can be fairly argued that those who are truly entitled and spoiled within our society are those who sit at the head of the table and have gorged themselves out at the expense of the productive economy.

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 3

I don't think that these disturbances will have much impact on the positive side, but danger may lurk for those politicians supporting these groups if the public finally tires of them or some of them get out of hand.

The squalor of the sites might repel some of the more fastidious among us.

The general clueless comments from many of them provide high entertainment, and I get a big charge out of reading the many blog lines on Daily Kos.

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 3

On one hand, I sympathize with our young people, particularly since it is dawning on them that, in terms of their economic future, they have been totally screwed. Here is just one example of the sort of asshattery that they will have to pay for in the years to come:


On the other hand, the OWS protesters really do not have a clue on how to fix the problem. They don't seem to understand that having a culture based on a severe class structure and a legal structure that supports the top 1% is not going to be fixed: it has to be gotten rid of. These bozos can quote Jefferson all they want, but they do not seem to grasp that Jefferson himself (as were all the Framers) were part of that 1%, or else heavily invested in their interests.

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FranksWildYear s

Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 3

Let them eat cake.

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 2

Did we really look and sound like these people back in the 60's and early 70's?

Did we really? AW...come on...


Gotta give 'em the extra star for wrangling themselves into the bathrooms of the local businesses without buying anything. (Good thing the big, bad corporations own toilets, eh mooks?)

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Guy D

Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 1

George Soros supported.

Nancy Pelosi supported.

Union supported.

Hollywood supported.

Yeah, those mobs are just poor unemployed Americans, lol.

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Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations 1

Not really too interested. It seems like most of the protesters belong at a Phish concert.

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