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Overall Rating:2.80 based on 10 ratings
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jaywilton (26)
You duh man...To see why Palestinian culture isn't healthy for Palestinians-check out,for example,palestinianmediawatch.com or read 'From Time Immemorial' by Joan Peters-who started out pro-Arab or 'Preachers Of Hate' by Kenneth Timmerman;also-Jerusalem isn't mentioned in The Koran. UPDATE: Largely due the 1922 White Paper(or Churchill paper) the British partitioned Palestine,giving %76 to Emir Abdullah;Transjordan became independent in 1946 and Jews are legally barred from living there(go to google-click the creation of Transjordan at Palestinefacts.org,for example)....Also while the disputed territories are 1% Jewish-Israel is %25 Arab-and has Arabs in its parliament.

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GenghisTheHun (168)
Let's solve a whole bunch of problems. Move the Greeks and Turks in Cypus to Greece and Turkey; move one side or the other from Isreal and Palestine to Cyprus; move the Prods in Northern Ireland to UK, Australia, New Zealand or wherever; move the whites from Zimbabwe and South Africa somewhere; the Serbs from Kossovo; the Albanians from Macedonia (wait a minute, is this ethnic cleansing?) UPDATE: I think a little historical correction is needed here. Jordan is called a Palestinian state by the Isreal backers and the monstrous thought is always below the surface to expel the Palestinians across the Jordan River into Jordan. After the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, the old Turkish provinces were divided among the powers. Jordan was a kingdom given to the Hashmites and Palestine was a mandate under direct British rule. To state otherwise is just flat incorrect! If Jordan and Palestine had been under the same King or Mandate or some other arrangement, then a cogent argument could be made. I think that some authorities were calling Jordan a Palestinian state, but if so, this is only based on the Biblical interpreation of the Nation of Isreal stretching from the Nile to the Euprhates. Jordan never was created as a Palestinian state! The United States is increasingly being sucked into this area by that really weird combination of Isreali interests and USA Christian Dispensationalists and Fundamentalists. The latter believe that they must give the Biblical prophecies in Daniel, Revelation, etc. a little help by backing Isreal to the hilt so that the End Times will come. I think it is really really revealing when a Isreali politician comes to the US, he first goes to Lynchburg to see a preacher rather than to Washington, DC to see the President. THAT IS A DISGRACE! Those preachers should disavow such overt attempts for subornation, but I guess the American National Interest doesn't matter if the Rapture is right around the corner! The Neo-Cons play these Christian interests just like a fiddle. What is really tragic is how these loving Christians are allowing the ancient Christian communities in the Middle East to be sacrificed to rampaging Mohammedanism because, even though those communities have been there for 2000 years, and some even still use Aramaic, the language Christ used, they are not Bible-Thumpers of the American variety and therefore not worthy of protection. This is shameful and I sincerely hope that the Dispensationalists and Fundamentalists pay for it on the Judgment Day that they so fervently desire.

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traderboy (25)
Won't work. Both sides have too much invested in the fight, and whoever gets stuck with the actual physical relocating becomes a lifelong target for jihad. As neither side wishes for a mutual compromise (an alien concept where religion is concerned), there's only one civilzed way this'll ever end up getting done: give the United Nations official ownership of the region (and the muscle to boot the radical rats out and allow the bridge-builders to set up a respectful existence, however strained). Otherwise, get out the bratwurst, guys and gals, and prepare for the glow that won't go.

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Sundiszno (30)
Moving the Palestinians to Afghanistan or Iraq does not strike me as a brilliant idea. I'll run against what appears to be the popular tide and sentiment here, and say that instinctively I believe that the Palestinians basically are getting screwed by Israel. Somebody is likely to say this post is anti-Semitic, which it isn't (at least not in spirit or intent). The whole situation in the Middle East, and in Israel/the West Bank, is totally screwed up. We (the US) have embraced the Israelis and have bought into their constant carping about the Holocaust and how they aree never going to let it happen again. I certainly applaud them for standing up for their national and ethnic identity, and for looking to protect themselves, but let us not forget that back in the days when Israel was trying to establish itself as a state, outfits like Irgun and Haganah engaged in what could today only be described as terrorism. I'm sure that plenty of the younger RIA folks have never heard of the bombing of the King David Hotel in which many British soldiers and officers were killed. Guys like Menachem Begin, later hailed as founders of Israel, would easily fit the description of terrorists (because that's what they were). More recently, Israeli tactics to root Palestinian terrorists (or are they freedom fighters?) out of refugee camps are more than superficially reminscent of German attacks on the Wasaw Ghetto in, when was it, 1944? I'm not trying to condemn the Israelis by a long shot, but I do think that we sholdn't give them a pass on what their actions are nowadays just because we are sensitive to their security concerns and to their past history. So, relocate the Palestinians? Why? They have to struggle for a living as it is, basically under the thumb of the Israelis when it comes to being able to work, travel, move, and freely associate. Another facet of this is that, be they Muslim or Christian (which many are, although the numbers are diminishing due to emigration because of the lousey conditions there), the Israelis view them all as trouble. This post is getting too long. The whole issue needs to be looked at more objectively, and maybe the solution is for the US, if we really have the power, to sit down with both sides and tell them to straighten out or we'll yank our financial aid from Israel and any kind of assistance we might be giving to the Palestinians as well. Believe me, money would talk.

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CanadaSucks (45)
Wonderful idea. . .move people against their will to a soverign nation without considering either the displaced or those that live in the original nation. Does this list-maker live in a cave?

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SZinHonshu (44)
There is a fight going on that shows no signs of ending. There is too much hate on both sides. One party considers the other grossly inferior, and the other doesn't recognize their neighbors' right to exist. The latter teaches their children geography wherein Israel does not appear on the map. Further, this situation benefits Arab countries who have no desire to help the Palestinians by absorbing them (which they could have done a long time ago). The Palestinian/Israeli conflict has the utility of allowing Middle Eastern dictators to redirect their countrymen's unhappiness and hostility over their own squalor toward a common enemy. Is there anyone reading this who could look at me with a straight face and tell me the bloodshed involving the Israelis and Palestinians will stop within the next two generations? Break the fight up. Send one kid to one end of the house while the other stays on the other side. The US is largely in control of two major Arabic/Islamic Middle Eastern nations. Relocate the Palestinians to Iraq and/or Afghanistan. It ends the fight. The argument becomes moot. There is certainly no Middle Eastern nation in a position to challenge the US or Israeli militaries. But, won't the Palestinians have conflicts with their new neighbors over land and resources? Probably. So what? Better to have Arabs killing Arabs than Arabs killing Jews. This manuever simultaneously reduces the loss of life in a democratic country and removes the 3rd World's favorite topic in the United Nations: The mistreatment of the Palestinians by Israel.

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