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Adoption vs. AbortionGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:2.42 based on 12 ratings
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This item was submitted by ma duron (62) on 11/28/2005 1:35:24 PM.

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America will never really be "color blind"
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irishgit (138)

Firstly, there are more choices than these two....

My personal feelings are to leave this to the choice of the individual or individuals involved.

Although there are more than a few folks that would benefit from being retroactively aborted.

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lmorovan (12)
How could abortion be considered for the benefit of a child? Abortion is mostly an action aimed to eliminate an inconvenience for the mother, therefore, a very selfish and loveless action. On the other hand, an adoption costs 10 times more than an abortion and it is enormously bureaucratic. Why not encourage women rather than kill the baby, look for adopting parents that may even compensate her for her "inconvenience" of the pregnancy?

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4naturalfamily (0)
PEOPLE - WAKE UP!!!! Debating adoption vs. abortion makes it appear that a womans options are limited to ONLY abortion or adoption. It's REALLY SAD that women in America are so often left with a "choice" of only "adoption vs. abortion". These options let men off the hook for both pregnancy prevention and for any children they might sire. But being forced to surrender your precious baby - or else abort her - is a tragedy. Most of the moms whose newborn babies are taken for adoption are ages 17-24. Many are simply not yet through college. It's a temporary situation, and should not be turned into a "crisis". A mother misses out on every moment she might have had with her child. Siblings, grandparents and fathers may be affected by this horrendous "choice" as well. So, start promoting male (as well as female) responsibility for pregnancy prevention. Ensure the Dads take responsiblity for their born children. Stop putting everything on the woman's shoulders, sentencing her to life without her child - just for giving birth.

  (7 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
CherrySoda99 (29)
I'm adopted. I'll put that out in the open right now. I am pro-life, because of personal experience. I may not be here right now if my birth mother had chosen to abort me instead of have me and put me up for adoption. This is a touchy topic with me, because I have such first hand experience with it, and it's almost hard to debate it, because to me the answer seems very evident. I recently found out the name that my birth mother had chosen for me. THink, I could've been a Britney. What bothers me about abortion, is how people can think that it's not a living thing. It's not a fetus, it's a human being, and had rights as well. It has a right to live, and by making one simple choice, you could be killing the next...Pope...or something. I think that a lot of expectant mothers that chose abortion (and this is exception noted of course), are only thinking of themselves. They're worried about how THEIR life wil be affective, and how much THEY will have to give up. Adoption isn't a hard thing, and the baby has a better chance at a good home if you do.

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numbah16tdhaha (147)
I think the kid, given a CHOICE (there's that word again), would take adoption. Too bad some people aren't listening.

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arcticstorm058 (0)
As frogio said ask the child well I feel its time for the child opinion im a 17 year old and I was adopted although I have yet to meet my birth partents my adopted partents told me that they were High School to College age and they were fooling around and had me. Well to make a short story shorter they decided to put me up for adoption instead of aborting me and to this day to the end of my life a thank them for it. Oh and finally does it really make sense say that your helping your child by killing it instead of puting it up for adoption.

  (5 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Gentle Jude (23)
Traderboy makes a very good argument. In theory, I can see why people resort to abortion because they feel they are doing the best thing for their 'child.' Fancy growing up knowing your parents abandoned you. But at the same time that doesn't mean being a foster child is a bad thing. But me personally, i wouldnt feel right aborting a child because that is still murder, and we are not entitled to make that decision as far as God is concerned. There is one way to stop this argument - Make it illegal for youths to have sexual intercourse and if people had more safer sex, then this whole thing wouldn't happen not unless it was due to rape.

  (4 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
traderboy (25)
Adoption should ALWAYS be one of the options to choose from when someone finds themselves in a given situation (ideally, their thoughtful sacrifice might bring purpose and direction to the random happenstances of others). Unfortunately (or, perhaps intentionally), the anti-choice cabals don't enjoy talking about the pitfalls of adoption (which can be every bit as traumatic as an abortion). Where are they when these women die during childbirth (it's rare, but it does happen)? Where are they when these women experience the devastation of a stillborn (yeah, prayer really changes things)? Where are they when state-run agencies swoop in and pry little ones away from their mothers (I'm sure the hour-long judgemental "counselling" sessions offered go a long way toward smoothing those bumpy roads)? Where are they when orphanages are overloaded with charges that have to be shuffled and shoved around like cordwood (stumping for social-services cutbacks to bolster their "faith-based" largesse, most likely)? Where are they when employees of these agencies take physical, verbal, and sexual advantage of their captive audiences (ironically, you'll find many of them doing a "nickel" in stir for these offenses)? Where are they when these kids can't understand why so many people refuse to pluck them out of these sad little meat markets ("well, you see, Bobby, you're a nine-year-old, and people are a little hesitant to.....")? Where are they when these kids hit "18" and are shown the door ("life's a crotch-pounder, pal, and you've got a tuxedo with brown shoes.....deal with it.")? Where are they when that unexpected knock at the door produces a twelve-year-old looking to "reconnect" ("can't talk.....gotta mail out more of these "Vote NO on Plan "B"" bumper stickers.")? Where are they when the bitter lawsuits begin to fly ("gosh, that's what the courts are FOR, silly!")? Adoption is great when everything clicks, but the world ain't that cut-and-dried; abortion is sometimes the best course of action based upon an individual's attendant circumstances.

  (4 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
CanadaSucks (45)
. . .it's up to the individual's choice. . .OOPS! There's that damnned word again!

  (5 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
frogio (47)
Ask the child...I bet you'll get the answer your looking for.

  (8 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
ma duron (62)
Thoughts, anyone?

  (1 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
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