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Free for One Year: Telephone and Cell Phone service, Cable TV, Gasoline for your car

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Reviews for Free for One Year: Telephone and Cell Phone service, Cable TV, Gasoline for your car  1-15 OF 15

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LastMessenger3 (46)
Gasoline! I use my car more than I use cell phone, and the way much than I watch cable.0
cablejockey (17)
Interesting question--I'd pick the gas and just drive everywhere.0
Silver Eagle 252 (12)
No brainer. With gas at $3/gallon and predictions that it will go up to $5/gallon, free gas for a year is the only way to go.1
HistoryFan (86)
Free gas is a must!1
kwhyman (22)
Amen numbah. Lose cable and put in Dish, and you've got yourself a deal. :)0
Blue Orchid (45)
Cell phone service, dude. Chaaa.2
Mad Hatter (36)
As much traveling as I do, in town and out of state, I'll take the Gasoline.4
Molfan (49)
Well, I need to get where I am going so Gas. and with the prices going up and down and never down very low.Free gas would be nice for a year.2
LanceRoxas (40)
I drive Dodge Durango- this one's a lay up. 4
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
Yep, it's gas all the way. 4
OutsideBlitz (10)
Easy choice; gas.3
numbah16tdhaha (132)
Not Cable! Give me MY choice of TV free any day, though. My Dish bill is pretty extensive, but what do you expect when I have 200+ channels and a pay-per-view habit!?!?2
kamylienne (73)
Gasoline, hands down. I'd make a lot more long-distance day trips if I could afford it!2
scarletfeather (39)
Gasoline, because that is my biggest expense. I use my home phone and cell phone as little as possible. 6
Wavebacker (25)
From a financial standpoint, they're all pretty close. My Cable Bill is about the same as the two phone bills. If I fill my tank up once a week , I'm at a little less $$$ wise than either bill. So which service would I want for Free? Hmmmmmmmmmm. I dont use my phone much - either one. I watch Cable and enjoy it ,but dont always use the premiun services except for NBA League Pass, perhaps the greatest innovation in Televsion since the introduction of Color TV. I'm gonna choose Free Gas. I like the idea of being able to get Free Gas ( Premium - the very best please ) for a year. 3
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