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A woman who has been abused or beaten by her mate/spouse for the second or third time.Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:4.06 based on 18 ratings
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Reviews for A woman who has been abused or beaten by her mate/spouse for the second or third time.  1-16 OF 16

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Ih8rateitall (5)
I'm a dominate male, but I'd never, ever hit a woman! However, my gf knows that I bring home the bacon and she cooks it. A lot of chicks still like it this way. If a guy continues to beat you, leave before it's too late.

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kamylienne (77)
When someone is being abused (male or female; the woman isn't always the one getting abused. I've seen more than a few guys who have gone through a lot of psychological abuse from their significant others, and shouldn't have to "suck it up" just because they're men) physically, there's a good chance that they're getting psychologically abused as well. The abuser can threaten violence against not only them, but other loved ones. The abused can be forbidden to talk to friends or family about it. Sure, they CAN hit their spouse back, but they oftentimes still love their significant others, so fighting back is not an option for them. It's really easy to say "Well, if he/she hits you, then leave 'em", but in that sitatuion, emotions can cloud judgement. It sounds stupid, but it's true. If they're lucky, they'll find support in friends who will help drag them out of that situation; it's funny how quick an abuser's cowardice is exposed when abused finally stands up for his/herself.

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Molfan (57)
I feel bad for these women who have been beaten down physically, emotionally, verbally, and even sexually. they have no self worth that they really believe they have no out. I do feel very bad for them and wish they could find the strength to leave. they should encouraged to get out of a situation, instead of being judged for staying.

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souljunkie (20)
If you do not have what it takes to leave an abuser after the third act, you dont get any pity from me. I cant understand a person hanging around for that. If your willing to take that much bad treatment, then maybe you were supposed to be owned like a dog all along. Like I have said many times, I will always want to help those who help themselves. I dont feel sorry for insucure people. I will say "poor thing" as I walk away and dont give it another thought, other than to hope the poor soul does not have any kids. UpDATE: Thanks for your repectful opposition based on my thoughts Ridgewalker. I have said before that RIA allows us to look at thing very black and white sometimes and I admit I can be very bullish sometimes with my attitudes but maybe I should say this. I mentioned saying in thoughts "Poor thing" as I walk away from a person with such low self esteem, and I'm aware that in these cases, its all about that. I have simply always thought that we as humans must take responsibility at some point for our quality of life. What kind of person is it that somewhere in life becomes so CO-DEPENDENT that they stop seeing any part of respect for theyre own lives and desires. I am close to a couple of ideas tha relate here. One, being raised by my father who was a controlling man and a rags to riches story. He had no patience for 'weak charachter', thought little of those who could not help themselves, pick up there boots and get up if they were knocked down and hated to ask for anything from anybody. He made me feel inferior for many years in so many ways and I spent all the way into my early thirties trying to please him. After having my first child at 34, I woke up. I would no longer measure myself by him. But I still 'take his mantle" in many ways. Theres my wife who was a victim of an highly abusive man and in highschool was a victim of it for three years until one day, when she grew up so to speak, she saw the light and packed a lowboy and was gone one day while the asshole was at work. Good For her! She did what she needed to do and in her case all it took was a little maturity. She laughs at herself now. We will all have those who are important to us that we look to to feel whole. But when those people go bad on us, we have to recognize it and change. I look at life very much like still being in the jungle. We must be strong and adapt, even the civilized world can destroy you if you do not fight for yourself. People who let others control them when they can leave, will not get pity from me. It is still a world that says at some point...only the strong survive. I believe that very much. No one deserves that treatment, but we are the only ones who can demand respect from others. Life is too short for anything else. You either make your own life, or believe me someone else will, in most walks of life. I cannot waste my time on people like that. If thats harsh...so be it.

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Dawnsdinos (6)
With each time the person is abused and doesn't leave my compassion goes down.

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Drummond (54)
Yeah, it's so easy to be judgmental about this. But there are many reasons why a spouse stays with her abusive mate. Sometimes it's because she doesn't want her kids living on the street.

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ClassicTVFan47 (36)
Any man who can physically abuse a woman is a villain in my book, pure and simple. Perhaps this woman feels trapped and needs outside assistance to escape from her evil spouse. But, like all things bad, it can be solved as many spousal abusers are brought to justice and their victims liberated from their vile ways. Hopefully, the woman can recover and not have a distrust of humanity--men included--from then on out and live a happy, healthy life.

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FranksWildYears (48)
Help is available but there so only so much that other people can do for someone. Sadly, because its a cycle, many people don't even know that life has more to offer.

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frogio (47)
When I'm done with the chicken s*it wife-beater y'all can have two people to feel sorry for.

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Djahuti (54)
Many women put up with terrible abuse.I would encourage them to get away from the slimeball-but I do not feel I should judge them if they are too scared to leave.There are shelters and laws to protect such women,but many of them end up dead anyway.Here is a tempting argument in favor of "vigilante justice"....but that is one very slippery slope!

  (5 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
SharonParry (42)
Souljunkie...You can't seriously believe that he/she deserves that. I say he/she because I happen to know women are not the only people who accept abuse as a way of life. In most cases, they grew up with it and it seems normal to them when they develop relationships with other abusive people. I think you just, probably get frustrated with trying to get them some help they are not ready to take. It's ok to walk away from the situation. I just hope that when you do, you are praying that they come to their senses before they become a paraplegic.

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Bird808 (52)
No person, man or woman deserves to be beaten and who are we or anyone else in the street to judge if their being beaten by their spouse continually and haven't had the courage to leave their partner? I've never been in this kind of situation - thank goodness, but I've witnessed first-hand how emotionally disturbed some women get when their being beaten as I went to one of those crisis centres and the majority of them are scared of their spouse. Their scared of not having financial security, not having a stable family life and even what some of their relatives might say. Theres a lot more as to why someone stays with a partner for so long who abuses them. I hope these people have the courage to seek refuge for their own safety and for those who find it suitable to abuse their spouses to seek some counselling. O'h and Castlebee once again kudos, kudos and more kudos to you my dear.

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CastleBee (81)
Any time deep emotions are involved, you can be sure the problem is way more complicated than it appears to onlookers. Throw in a couple of kids and well you've got some major plot twists. Personally, I've always felt that if I were in this situation I would find some excuse to legally blow the hot head into his next life form (which believers in reincarnation and Karma might agree would deservedly be something involving 6 or 8 legs). BUT, thank God I've never had to be tested on that because, what it really boils down to is - you don't know until you have to live it.

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CherrySoda99 (29)
No man should ever take advantage of a woman, and think of her as his own punching bag. If any woman is being abused, she shuld get out and go to wherever she can, and let the law handle the abuser.

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Twitchin' Monkey (14)
an often very complicated situation. she might have made a stupid mistake by hanging around for the second or third beating, but a hand should never be rasied to a spouse, husband or wife.

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numbah16tdhaha (147)
She deserves all the help she wants in leaving his ass.

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