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Israel Attacks LebanonGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 4.05 based on 20 ratings
Following the abduction of two of its soldiers by an extremist Lebanese organization, Israel attacked infrastructure in Lebanon including roads, bridges, and airports. (Add picture)

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dicklickenfun (0)
i like big weeners
doobiesNhof (21)
Conflicts in the Middle East have been happening for thousands of years and this is really no different than any other except that the technology is more brutal and deadly. Peace in this area of the world will never happen IMO.
LastMessenger3 (40)
Every terrorist action is pretty scary and significant at the same time. The saddest thing is probably that many innocent people had to die due to the calateral damage. People will never learn will they?
X Factor Z (11)
How significant is this? Something like this happens every year over there, I'm sick and tired of hearing about the middle east. Israel is probably controlled by the news media, who encourages these attacks so they would have news to cover. Also, I believe israel was actually founded by ex- Nazis who posed as concentration camp survivors, that would explain their neo-fascist government.
supremecritic (2)
well its hardly a minor event
Djahuti (53)
A horrible and tragic state of affairs.KIlling innocent people does not counter terrorism- it IS Terrorism!Time to stop funding the atrocities.
magellan (140)
Yeah, this is a big, scary story. Is it just me, or does it feel that things are teetering on the brink over there? What happens if Iran and / Syria engage? What's going to happen when Lebanon's weak, but well-intentioned government falls?

I don't blame Israel a bit for getting fed up with Hezbollah's attacks. It's unacceptable to have a shadowy, non-governmental army instigating from Lebanon. That has to stop.

But it doesn't change the fact that Israel's aggressive reaction has put the region on the brink, yet again. What is needed is some third party diplomacy to shut down this ridiculous war before it gets out of hand. I just don't know who has the diplomatic clout / skills to step in at this point.
VirileVagabond (31)
At the risk of ranking highly the most recent events of the year thus far, I don't really think there is much argument that the current Israeli attacks in Lebanon is at or near the top of this list. To start, some reviewers have stated that the name of this item should be "Hezbollah attacks Israel", but (sadly) that wouldn't be news, a fact that cuts to the core of the Middle East issues. From that perspective (perhaps an epiphany for some), one can analyze the situation more objectively. When others have asked for my opinion on this matter, I usually draw an analogy with a neighbor's dog that keeps jumping the fence and attacking your children. What do you do if your neighbor is also afraid of the dog and is unable to act, there is no animal control to call, and the dog always runs and hides among the rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks? There simply is no clean and perfect solution, and you must take out the dog along with a few warm fuzzys. As a practical matter, negotiation is not an effective solution. For one, negotiating with terrorists only reinforces the behavior. Secondly, as Hezbollah is a paramilitary organization and not legally controlled by any recognized state, there is no one to enforce any such negotiation (i.e. a ceasefire). The bottom line is that the Israeli response is not only a major event for this year, but it appears to mark some material shift in the alliances in the region (as both Egypt and the Saudis have reacted very surprisingly), which also suggest a much longer term effect. (Note that I also concur with the opinion that the last Hezbollah incursion and related kidnappings was indeed the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back and not the sole cause of the Israeli response.)
ClassicTVFan47 (36)
Actually, this should be Hizbollah strikes Isreal. After this other villainous terrorist organization--previously responsible for the deaths of over 30 Americans in their history--captured Isreali soldiers without previous provocation, Israel naturally responded, as was their right.

Hezbollah has been cleverly manipulating the liberal media by forcing their civilians to stay where their oft-times-inaccurate missiles are launched from. They've also been using their people as basically human shields. And, of course, they are directly tied in with the Axis of Evil in that their weapons originate from Iran and North Korea.

With a leader strangely reminisecent of Hitler in his truly-insane cries of "Death to America," I'll shed no tears when this group of villains is completely defeated. Good luck to Israel and who ever fights by their side.
DirkyBoy (10)
What should have been swift revenge turned into an all out war. The City of God was divided. You couldn't go from one section to the other, not even to visit a relative. The cops considered anyone living in the slum a hoodlum. People got used to living in Vietnam, and more and more volunteers signed up to die.

I would not dare offer an opinion on this conflict, and declare it would make matters better. The solution is simply long lost. Without war, the Jews will be annihilated. Without diplomacy, the war will get bigger and faster than we are prepared for. And without massive civilian evacuations, a lot of innocent people are going to die. Simply talking about it makes me feel like an irresponsible political pundit, who gets rich off an hours worth of work a day, just so he can tell the world we are in WW3 before any politician dares to.

Some people doubt that Israels offensive has anything to do with the two captured soldiers by Hezbollah. Its an easy assumption to make when Olmert and the majority of the Israeli people gradually change their intentions with Lebanon. One might ask what Israel is doing to find these two soldiers beyond bombing random targets and civilians. The simplest way to get those two soldiers back would be to give into Hezbollahs demands and do a prisoner exchange, which everyone in their right minds knows is out of the question. My way of doing it would be to invade them, capture at least twenty Hezbollah militants, and then do a prisoner exchange. Two people can play the cut-and-run game, after all. With that kind of strategy we can attack terrorists, beat them at their own game, make them realize that negotiating won't work in their favor, and they will not be able to criticize Israel without sounding like the hypocritical bureaucrats that they are.

But unfortunately that strategy comes over a month too late. Damage has already been done. Even a sound idea is lost on this conflict. Like I said, it does not matter. Civilians will die. I dont know who exactly is looking for these 2 POWs, but the fighting certainly wont end if, and when they are found.

So the best Idea now is to destroy Hezbollah, cut the Syrian influence to the region, find some sort of lasting peace solution, and hope the children who are growing up watching their friends die, wont ruin it someday. As flimsy as that theory is, I am fresh out of ideas.

But I will say this about Hezbollah. What they are doing is nothing new. All around the world, throughout time, amongst every culture, every revolution against a government starts with persuading innocent people to protect its thugsters when the law comes calling. Its the easiest thing to do if you're a terrorist, or a gangster. You can often do more for people than a government, that is until the people become dependant on you, and get caught up in wars. Today Lebanese civilians support Hezbollah more than ever. They supply civilians with food, shelter, medicine and freedom that the Lebanese government cant provide themselves. Killing the Lebanese civilians might be in Israels best interest, because civilians are only loyal to those that let them survive. They will soon enough take the place of their rebel protectors, for what else would they do? I think the best solution to this crisis and create a lasting peace, is to solve the age-old question: How does the government win back the hearts of the people from the rebel? I dont know the answer. Maybe it's in a book somewhere. But if we cant figure this out quickly then buckle up.
louiethe20th (68)
I commend Genghis for his post. Might be one of the most accurate posts I have ever seen on RIA. He is dead on! I would add that it is very difficult to fight an army with no uniform, much like what the U.S. faces in Iraq. It is very difficult to tell who is your enemy. Also, in response to Canada's post, you are going to have some civilian casualties when the enemy purposefully places their rockets and weapons factories in the middle of civilian housing and drive around in ambulances so as not to be attacked. This is a detestable tactic that many of the terrorists employ.
GenghisTheHun (165)
Israel is in a pickle. It has no strategic depth. It's troops cannot fall back and regroup. It can't yield space for time. It is only thirty miles wide at its narrowest point. Israel can NEVER afford to wait for events to unfold.

It cannot afford to lose ONE battle. This places it squarely astride destiny since no country in all the world's history has ever pulled that off.

Israel is lucky to have the opponents that it has. It is in the same position as the Frankish Kingdom of Jerusalem of the 12th and 13th Century.

It was Saladin, the Kurd, and the Circassian Mamelukes who extinguished that kingdom, not the Arabs.

As long as the leaders of the resistance against Israel are Arabs, what ultimately does she have to fear? Only when some outsider comes in to unite the Arabs to confront Israel, does she have reason to worry.
CanadaSucks (43)
Glossing over two or three of your comments, I wonder if I'm watching the same television because all I'm seeing is the typical pro-Israeli, prototype stories and 'news' that alibi and excuse every single military action (justified or not) that has taken place. . .it doesn't matter if Israel is 'right' or 'wrong' because when have civilian deaths in the Arab world ever mattered to Western audiences? Certainly Israel deserves to defend itself, but we westerners have to grow up and stop acting shocked about why we are hated in the Arab world. . now the U.S. is asking for 'restraint' after Qana? America is clever at coming in (after civilian casualties) and 'assisting in brokering' some kind of peace and then we will claim moral superiority. . .that doesn't fool anyone outside of the sphere of Israel, America, or anyone with three neurons in his or her head. . .Defend yourself? Sure. Claim moral superiority and surprise when a civilian population you bombed doesn't go along? Grow up. . .
numbah16tdhaha (142)
...and its about time somebody did something about Hezbollah. Too bad the UN is solidly in the corner of terrorism.
EschewObfuscation (61)
Very significant. But not for the reasons most Americans (who pay latent, lazy attention to the mainstream press) understand. Ah, of course, Israel's response must be "proportional. " Sure. Here's Hezbollah, lobbing missile after missile, attack after attack upon Jewish innocents, then fleeing back to the relative safety of the basement of a hospital or children's center in Beirut, confident that the Israeli's won't attack it, probably thinking, "this is wonderful. Attack all we want and hide among the citizenry for safety. "

Israel has been planning this attack for years. Now with their citizenry pulled back inside their security fence, the attack (specifically against Hezbollah, a terrorist organization dedicated to the elimination of the state of Israel and the death of EVERY Israeli) has begun.

Their pre-war intelligence isn't perfect but there are a lot of dead terrorists and Israel will win the battle of "who's got more missiles? "

But, thank heaven for the liberal lightweights in the press who admonish Israel (in what should be FACT-LADEN REPORTING) about the "proportionality" of their counter-offensive.

But, there will be no surrender. Hezbollah has been gravely injured but will always appear to continue the fight, down to the last terrorist. A fact not lost on the Israeli Army. The UN will eventually blame the entire conflict on Israel and will condemn it for the loss of innocent life. And another page is turned. (Sloppy typos corrected)
abichara (59)
Probably one of the most significant events of the year, one which may end up defining our foreign policy for years to come. While I do understand the need for Israel to defend her security and fully support whatever means necessary to do so, I also believe that its reaction to the kidnapping of two soldiers in Southern Lebanon was a bit excessive. My sentiment is that the Israelis are using this as an excuse to exert its influence over Lebanon, specifically the South, which is dominated by Hezbollah guerrillas that are being supplied by Iran--the other big player in the region besides Israel. While I don't believe that a wider conflict with the Iranians is imminent, it is a definite possibility down the road, maybe in a few months or years. The Lebanese government is merely caught in the crossfire between this fight between Iran and Israel; they have no effective military nor do they have political influence over the Hezbollah guerrillas.

For all its worth, the Israelis are also in a tight position, with Hamas taking over the Palestinian government this past January and their subsequent logistical support of Hezbollah. In short, the situation in the Middle East is extremely difficult at this juncture. Indeed, we're only one or two more wrong moves from the whole thing exploding.

UPDATE: Ridge, your point is well-taken, and you are absolutely correct that Israel has every right to root out the security threat in Southern Lebanon. My concern is that in doing so, we might just create a wider war while destabilizing yet another country in the region that just came out of dealing with a protracted civil war for over 25 years. But that is something that we're just going to have to deal with when we get to that point. You are correct in saying that Israel can't put up with constant attacks from its North.
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