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Overall Rating:3.73 based on 15 ratings
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Little Miss Sunshine is about a dysfunctional family that overcomes great obstacles to get their daughter to a child beauty pageant in California. (Add picture)

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CanadaSucks (51)
It's funny as hell. Good performances. And I was moved by the stressed-out feeling of working people seeing how hard it was for them to try to make things work. And I normally despise child actors, but that young lady won me over from beginning to end. Give this one a shot- I don't laugh easy.

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ejerzeygirl (5)
i watched this movie because nothing else was on. i loved it

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magellan (178)
I went into this movie with very high expectations, and came out a little disappointed. For those who haven't heard about Little Miss Sunshine, it's about a screwed up family on the verge of a breaking point that somehow ends up placing a huge emotional and symbolic value about getting their 8 year old daughter to a "Little Miss Sunshine" beauty pageant. The characters are very well acted, but almost stereotypically quirky. The plot line reads almost exactly like a darker version of the plot of National Lampoon's Vacation - almost to the point that I felt that it was unoriginal. The strength of the movie is in its acting - From Steve Carell's portrayal of a Proust scholar fresh off of a suicide attempt to Greg Kinnear as the tough talking self help guru on the verge of becoming one of the losers he despises, to the 15 year old son who has taken an oath of silence until he can be a pilot for the Air Force, to the coke snorting grandfather who was just kicked out of his retirement home. I guess the biggest reason that this movie didn't quite live up to expectations is that it tries a little too hard to be the quirky hit of the summer. Sort of like Napolean Dynamite - it tries so hard to be quirky and counter culture that it becomes almost a parody of itself at times. There were some touching, funny moments, and I felt that the movie got stronger as it went on. If you're expecting a laugh out loud comedy, this is probably not going to be it, and if you're expecting a dark, unique indie film, this isn't it either. It's somewhere in between...

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ColtSeries70 (14)
This was a fabulous film. A quirky comedy about a dysfunctional family that unites in a hilarious crazy way.Alan Arkin, Steve Carell, and the little girl- Abigail Breslin, were all great. If you liked this, see The Roral Tenenbaums also.

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Niner (1)
best movie released in a long time. do yourself a favor and don't ask anyone about it before seeing it.k

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objectivereview (1)
this movie is so funny and cute. i love the little girl...it's really a sweet little movie.

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ma duron (65)
A comedy a-la 'American Beauty' or 'The War of the Roses.' Dad: a failed motivational speaker whose agent, for unexplained reasons, chooses not to take him along on a convention to make the deal to publish Dad's Nine-Step Program. Grandpa: adorably addicted to heroin and pornography. The sensitive teenage son: reads Kierkegaard and is for months driven to abject silence ("I hate everybody"). Mom's brother: a literary scholar too weak to accept emotional rejection which, compounded by intellectual rejection from his peers, is driven to attempt - and fail - suicide (No spoiler here: this comes out in the early goings). Mom: reasonably well-centered; darling (truly so) sis: apparently lives to please Dad by participating and winning a pageant (the routine for which inexplicably no one at home but grandpa will be aware of). They all take off to the pageant New Mexico to California which enables them to chance upon; a) mom's brother's old flame; b) Dad's agent, still at the gathering which Dad was not asked to attend; and, c) a sequence in a hospital along the way that will be familiar to those of us who recall (semi-spoiler) the Griswold family's travails while driving Aunt Edna (Imogene Coca) to Phoenix in 'National Lampoon's Vacation' - an 'homage' perhaps? d) admission to the pageant through predictable happenstance. A great ensemble cast, to be sure, but an inexplicable favorite considering that, 'American Beauty' notwithstanding, few audiences have cared to see or regard the humorous portrayal of dysfunctional families such as in Billy Bob Thornton's 'Daddy and Them (2001)' or in truly affectionate ones such as in Campbell Scott's 'Off the Map (2004).' Perhaps dramatists Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams and novelist Vladimir Nabokov first wrought all of this upon us, 'Long Day's Journey into Night', 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' and 'Lolita,' respectively, being a natural cultural responses to the idyllic domestic environs in 'Father Knows Best'; 'The Best Years of Our Lives'; 'Cheaper by the Dozen'; 'Father of the Bride,' etc. At the very least, a shoo-in for best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards, for certain.

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