Aunt Clara (Bewitched)

Befuddled old witch who never seemed to get her spells right.
Added on 10/01/2006
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Aunt Clara (Bewitched) 5

Who couldn't love Aunt Clara? Played to believable perfection by character actress Marion Lorne she was the proverbial sweet faced and good natured little old lady. A bit of trivia I just discovered; in 1968 when she finally won a most deserved Emmy for her excellent portrayal of Samantha's loveable, bumbling aunt she was never able to accept the award because she died of a heart attack just 10 days before the ceremony.

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Aunt Clara (Bewitched) 5

sweet bumbling aunt Clara. she has gotten up in years and her powers do not work so well. a lot of her witchcraft goes wrong in hilarious ways. she loves doorknobs. can no longer walk through walls without banging into them. one of the most lovable of witches. Marion Lorne was wonderful as aunt Clara.

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