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Overall Rating:4.44 based on 9 ratings
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edt4 (97)
Sorry; I can't help but be glad that the career of John Hughes seems to be over. He made a fair number of teenager movies during the 80's, and they all seemed to feature the same stable of "actors" over and over again (I think they were referred to as the "Brat Pack"...which pretty much says it all). If Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald didn't do anything for you in this particular movie...don't worry! They'll be out in still another one before the end of the year, and the new one will also star Emilio Estevez and Ally Sheedy (maybe we'll even throw in Demi Moore), and have a soundtrack featuring the music of the Psychedelic Furs! The theme of the new movie? More existential teenage angst, of course...what else? Isn't that the fundamental nature of being a teenager...fretting about pimples, popularity and parties? Which would be fine (hey, listen, I was a teenager too, although it's getting increasingly hard as I age to remember back to those dismal, beer-soaked days) if Hughes had anything worthwhile to impart in his movies. He doesn't. The 1980's was the Decade of the Reagan Yuppie, and the banal superficiality infected everything in the culture, from movies to music to books. This was the only Hughes film I forced myself to see, and it was pretty bad, in my humble opinion. With all due respect to my friend Djahuti, I felt the characters were less archetypes than they were stereotypes, and annoying stereotypes at that. This was less a film about how teenagers see themselves and the world around them than it was a film about how a 35-year old male film director imagines them... Annoying and portentous.

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Molfan (55)
good high school movie. I like that they take five high school students who would be in different groups and they are thrown together for a SAturday of detention. they had some interesting scenes and a lot of what they talked about rings true in high school no matter what year you went to school.

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Suzysway (20)
If you think about it, the setting didn't really change. Much of the focus was on the events in that detention hall. But yet, it held my attention. The characters were really relatable as they appealed to the audience in a human light. The film explored what was beyond that clique facade and told an honest story, the teenage perspective of emotional boundaries, social conduct and moral responsibilities.

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Djahuti (53)
I thought this was pretty on the money,as well as good entertainment.Here we have the different High School archetypes,The Jock,the Rebel,the stuck up and the geeky all thrown together where they learn how they all ended up that way.It reminded me of many experiences at that time in my life,and it made me think as well as laugh-always a plus!

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