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Create a Cabinet-level Department of Sports and Athletics to raise competitive levels of our Olympic and Pro Athletes

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Reviews for Create a Cabinet-level Department of Sports and Athletics to raise competitive levels of our Olympic and Pro Athletes  1-15 OF 15

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numbah16tdhaha (138)
Tracy and I should be part of this. Our first act? Football as an Olympic sport.4
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
In the America IJR grew up in (boy, doesn't that sound very presidential!), sports mattered. School children used to turn off Saturday morning cartoons to sit back with their Dads and watch Vin Scully describe the Game of The Week on NBC, then watched the ABC for the thrill of Victory and the agony of defeat. On Monday's, hard Working men and women would gather to watch one last vestiage of the week-end, MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL with Howard Cossel and Dandy Don Meredith, who never turned out the lights before the party was over. US Yatchsmen would defend AMERICA'S CUP, which the US had never lost untill the 1980's. (Dennis Conner should have been deported for losing it!) Every four years, we could count on the Olympic Basketball team bringing home the Gold (except for once in Munich when the Soviets must have paid off the offical. That has got to be the longest three seconds in sports history!). And that was before we let pro NBA stars play at the games, back when US amatuers played for the love of the game, even against what amounted to state spondored Professional Athletes. Then President Carter boycotted the Moscow games, and ESPN premiered, and WGN and WTBS began National broadcasts of the Cubs and Braves games. In short, the televison became inundated with all sorts of sports, and the Dallas Cowboys began unjustly calling themself's America's team, and America got lazy. They got used to mediocre Braves teams and lously Cubs teams, and lost the winning edge. The NFL teams of today pale in comparison to the Great MONSTER OF THE MIDWAY Chicago Bears, and other teams of that era. Heck, no one even batted an eye when the USA Baseball team failed to even make the Olympics, getting beaten by MEXICO in the qualifing final! This is totaly unacceptable!! The Department of Sports and Athletics would focus on returning the USA to its past glory. The department would be funded by voluntary donations from the sports national governing bodys and the USOC. These funds would be used to train not only the athletes better, but the coaches as well. Scouts would be hired to scour the country for new talent that can be trained to have that extra competetive edge needed in the ever increasing competetive world. These young athletes would grow into unbeatable world class athletes and America would once again shine on the Olympic stage. It is time America regained the athletic glory of the past.4
zuchinibut (32)
We are already at a high level of performance. Federal money doesn't need to be spent on developing athletes.3
kingguiness (9)

Absolutely not! Another bureaucratic costly psoition we dont need.
sixty7a (3)
Nope, its a pastime, entertainment issue1
Drummond (54)
cutegurl (15)
We've got bigger problems.0
traderboy (24)
More government waste!! Are we so jaded that we need the state thinking up new ways to get flash-in-the-pan, overpaid ingrates onto Wheaties boxes? There's a reason this one's so low on the list.0
fierce_pajamas (0)
We're doing very well as it is. Considering that it is absolutely meaningless, I wouldn't spend any money on it. I realize that most Americans need to get in shape, but this program would be aimed towards the top 1 percent of athletes-people who are already in peak physical condition. 0
kamylienne (76)
This would be great, to encourage fitness in a country where obesity is rampant, but there are more important matters to worry about at the moment before concentrating on this. 1
abichara (56)
Not a good idea, while I don't downplay the role of physical education--it's an integral part of a healthy society, I don't see the necessity of establishing a new expensive bureaucracy to promote this. It's a individual enterprise really. And besides, we have some of the best athletes in the world, what would be the point of establishing a new cabinet post for this.0
AryanDan (2)
Waste of my taxes.1
Anonymous (1)
That would be (no offense) a terrible idea. The government should not be spending money on mere games and sports while millions of people are starving and without health care. The government also has no authority over professional sports (like private companies).1
OneHungryMonster (2)
I'm not always open to new ideas, but hey that could work!0
Redoedo (42)
Oh great, more bureaucracy and waste.2
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