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Loerke (25)

I'm with oscargamblesfro on this one. It would be better to meet the writers who came out of the gutter or the ghetto, were seen as criminals in their age, and did time, than all the writers who could offer the most exquisite descriptions of their mantelpiece. So my list would have to be a gang of crooks, or at least writers regarded as such, people like Francois Villon, Christopher Marlowe, Paul Verlaine, Oscar Wilde, Antonio Gramsci, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Ngugi wa Thiong'o ... there are thousands more I don't know about, and hundreds of writers imprisoned even today around the world ...

IgnatiusJReilly (80)
Fellow Athiests Douglas Noel Adams and Kurt Vonnegut.6
Vudija (100)
I'd love to, but I don't think I could manage to name just one. There are FAR too many that I'd want to have a nice sit down with.4
MissPackRat (32)
There are so many that I would probably get lost in the crowd!4
kamylienne (77)
For fun: I'd imagine hanging out with Douglas Adams would have been a riot.5
edt4 (86)
Shakespeare, Melville, Dostoevsky, DeSade, John Reed, Dickens, Dante, Twain...the list could go on and on. Would be great to hear their observations about our modern society, and how much things have changed in their view, for better or worse (would love to hear their observations after witnessing a few speeches by Dubya!). Although, without meaning to sound pretentious, we do in a certain sense "meet" these authors when we read their written work. It's necromancy of a sort to me, invoking the thoughts, ideas and concepts that flowed through their learned minds and out of their pens, even if they've been dead for hundreds of years. That's a concept that always fascinates me, even though it may seem simplistic or obvious to others; how those thoughts and ideas can relate to the society we're living in now and recognizing in some sense that the more we change, the more we stay the same. I relate to those people living in the rain forests of Brazil, who see a photograph and think it magic. That's sort of what books are for me.6
oscargamblesfro (71)
Gogol, Tolkien, Dostoevsky, Homer, Francois Villon,...really almost any figure of note....the best meeting would be at the head of a real army of dirtballs, immigrants, and non- snobs armed with pitchforks marching on Henry James' house like he was Frankenstein- he was obviously very, very talented with words, really had one of the most impressive commands of the language in history: but I really hate him and all the privilege and snobbery that he represents. Ordinary people really spooked him it would appear. Who gives a f*** where the bouquet of zinnias was placed on the mantle or how repressed some spinster was...7
GeneXAgent (18)
For obvious reasons, William Shakespeare.4
numbah16tdhaha (138)
Mick Foley. (go ahead, roll your eyes)3
irishgit (122)
So many....

Lawrence Sterne, Geoffrey Chaucer, John Dos Passos, Raymond Chandler, James Joyce....

The list is pretty long.
AutzenMaven (75)
Giovanni Boccaccio...early writer of naughty books.4
GenghisTheHun (157)
I would love to meet George Macdonald Fraser, author of the Flashman series and other good works including some history.

I also would have liked to meet Hemingway, but I wonder how he and I would have meshed. It probably would not have been a good sight.
LadyJesusFan777 (22)
Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, authors of "Left Behind".3
louiethe20th (65)
John Grisham2
Jed1000 (77)
Isaac Asimov. Imagine all the stories.6
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