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About me: Hi, I'm Lawrence and I work for RateItAll. Feel free to message me with any questions about the site. In the meantime, welcome to RateItAll!
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1467 days ago

New Feature!

Try it out. Right now.

Email a review to [email protected]

Subject Line = Thing you are reviewing (e.g. District 9, Abraham Lincoln, Budweiser, etc.)

Email Body = Rating and Review. (e.g. "5 Stars. I think Abe Lincoln was a a great man and a great human being...."

You can also attach an image (under 250kb please)

Try it today!

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1489 days ago

Buyer Beware - this is a black hat spam site engaged in a number of unethical, if not illegal practices. Please do your research before having anything to do with this site.

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1680 days ago

The "remember me" thing is fixed. You shouldn't have to login every time now.

1685 days ago

RIAdev just rolled in a major optimization enhancement that has reduced the size of some pages up to eighty percent. Most pages should load in three seconds or less now, depending on how far you are from California.

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1685 days ago

Incoming messages show up in the "my feed" view for the recipient only. Though that's an interesting suggestion to make all personal messages viewable to everyone. Seems a little radical though :)

1685 days ago

Blog post just went up about this feature.

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1686 days ago

Fit, if you are logged in, click on "Home," You will see the Gear Icon right next to the "Everyone" tab.

You can also check out the blog for a full "how to" with screenshots.

Also on "Home", if you look in the right margin, you will see a "Most Helpful Today" module with a link to "hall of fame". This link will give you full access to stats.

1686 days ago

Four voting options makes it tough to go horizontal without making things really cramped.

1686 days ago

Hey, nice find.

1686 days ago

Note to self: "don't mess with frogio"
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