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Newfoundland Puppies 300 Piece Puzzle ($7.99
The Cruising Guide to Newfoundland (Landfall Navigation)$39.95
Newfoundland ($14.64
Newfoundland 12 x 18 inch (United States flag)$2.20
Blackie 1882 Antique Map of part of Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island & Newfoundland - $109 (PastPresent Antique Map and Print Gallery)$109.00

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Now, see how this works…someone has something mean to say about Newfoundlanders, then a Newfoundlander stumbles onto it and comes on to tell us how nice it is in Newfoundland - except it can’t quite be done without saying something nasty about the United States (always open season here apparently). Now, as a U.S. citizen I suppose you might expect me to now want throw a few barbs at Canada. Yet, I don’t really feel inclined to. Actually, I may venture up there some day in spite of a lot of silly remarks I’ve read about both our countries. With the shape the world is in today I do not understand why everyone seems to want to create more bad feelings – especially when we all know that you are as likely to find a broad range of human behavior any and everywhere on this shrinking little globe we call home.

• Review left on 06/12/2002
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