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The Church of Acts is a cult in the guise of a Christian church. In recent years the pastor has run-off 2 assistant pastors who have refused to be a part of the dictatorship that this church employs. There are no elders, deacons, or board of any kind at this church. The pastor is completely enthralled with financial gain instead of spreading the message of Jesus. This is evidenced by the taking of 2 offerings each service. There is absolutely no accountability at the this place. Any questioning of the pastor will be met with a swift rebuke from one of the two church attack dogs, his wife Britain or Cheri Gable. The rebuke will come in the form of a message that “you should never touch God’s anointed”. This is absurd. Many loving Christian people have left this place over the years once it became obvious that the pastor was a money hungry dictator. I pray for the people who currently attend this church to have their eyes opened and leave. I also pray that the IRS would shut the doors of this corrupt house.

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Enoughofthat commented 191 days ago.
(Edited 191 days ago)
You must be real fed up to call out names and give your full name. This makes me think it is something to what you are saying. You might benefit from the Topic on on this site called "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, The: Recognizing and Escaping Spiritual Manipulation and False Spiritual Authority Within the Church (David Johnson)"

Christian Alert: I would be very cautious of joining anywhere where there is no church board, District leaders or rules in place on what happens if a Pastor behaves badly. I don't feel bad for people who stay in a place where the Pastor rules with an iron fist because some people want these kind of leaders.
I don't know your Pastor so cannot speak as if I know all sides of this story but I have seen Church people put up all kinds of abuse as if they are being paid to do this instead of paying their Pastor's salary.
Like attracts like. I've never been one to fall for that "touch not mine anointed "misquoted bible verse. That verse means set apart for God's use.
The Touch not mine (God's) anointed could also describe members too . Pastors using this quote to scare people into submission should know this. Pastors are supposed to be servants, not the Lord or a King.

daddymc commented 106 days ago.
Does anyone know of Bill Jenkis acting inappropriate with the women (girls) of the church?
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