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41 days ago

Carmelo Anthony is a great scorer, but beyond that, I can't really say too much.

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57 days ago

The brother that director Ron Howard and actor Clint Howard never talk about. Of course the fact that he's 6'11" and black might be part of the reason the family doesn't talk about him much.

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58 days ago

I always thought I was indecisive, but I think Dwight Howard takes the cake. I only wish my indecisiveness resulted in millions of dollars.

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218 days ago

I went to my annual Warriors game and like every year over the past 7 years, this is a young team. Youth is a good thing but consistent youth means they are consistenly re-building, and that's a term fans never want to hear. But this time they seem like the real deal; it's almost the all star break they sit at 26-15, second place in their division. They are the only team to have beaten the top 3 teams; Clippers, Thunder and Heat. I have no faith in my sport predictions, but I'm thinking they make the playoffs and lose 2nd round. Still a big step in the right direction from this squad and if they keep Curry, Lee and Bogut gets healthy, and a few of these 1st and 2nd year guys keep improving they might have something to work with.

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262 days ago

Baylor had an extraordinarily wide variety of shots: as Jerry West once said, more "percentage shots" (shots he could make) than any other player. Most of these were off the drive, where he was effective moving to both the left and the right, going very quickly, hesitating, spinning around, jumping or delaying the jump, and faking his defender(s) "into the popcorn machine" (Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn's expression). When I was nine years old, I persuaded my parents to let me stay home alone on a Saturday evening instead of attending some family event—and I was privileged to watch Baylor's 61-point championship finals performance against the Celtics. In a half-hour highlights video from, you can see an assortment of many of Baylor's different approaches, styles, and follow-throughs, as well as some of his fantastic, length-of-the-court passes.

A few years ago, in a new biography of West, Heinsohn called him the best forward of all time—ahead of Bird and Erving—and, along with West, one of the top five players all-round.

In a Wide World of Sports interview done in 1976 with Howard Cosell, Muhammad Ali runs down the reasons why he considered himself the greatest, and a lot of it had to do with his artistry in the ring; in other words, it wasn't just his stats. You could say the same about Baylor: a consummate artist on the basketball court. He also played a very important leadership role on and off the court, showing exemplary courage and at the same time a wonderful sense of humor.

Perhaps unlike Ali, though, (!), he was very modest. In the same video I mentioned above, on about 17 different occasions, he credits another player, whether a teammate or an opponent, rather than himself.

Fifty-four years after he was an NBA rookie, there is still no full-length book about him, which is hard to believe.

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273 days ago

;) too bad we lost Henson, Marshall, Barnes and Zeller

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327 days ago

he was extremely good at all facets of the game. tremendous on defense. had particularly long arms, which helped him get a lot of steals.

tremendous clutch shooter. tremendous dribbler. he is one of the few players that i can think of who had no weaknesses. he could also get some rebounds.

one thing you can't do is look at statistics - they simply dont tell the whole story.

for one thing, the new york knicks had a whole slew of good players. not like many teams who had a couple of stars who did most of the work.

gosh, there was willis reed, dave debuscherre, bill bradley, earl the pearl monroe, dick barnett, jerry lucas, and cazzie russell.

so no one player had league leading stats, just league leading wins.

if i was picking my team of five from those players that i knew and watched, he would be one of my guards, along with russell at center.

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359 days ago

No one else is even close. He averaged 50 points a game one year. He led the league in assists one year just to show he could do it. He once had 26 blocked shots in a single game. He absolutely dominated the league like no one else ever has.

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486 days ago

Horrible official who has a bias against certain teams/players. This guy referees a game like hes a spectator rooting for one team over the other rather than making each call objectively.

He was a soft player when he played with almost no game, and now displays the same approach as an official. You'd think a guy with some NBA experience would have a better grasp of the game, but this guy just sucks!

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501 days ago

Very good player. One of the best power forwards in the league. I believe he is at times underrated.

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