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56 days ago

If you're looking for a nice place to stay, this could be the best place . huge rooms, clean and nice service.

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212 days ago

How many Hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
It's a really obscure number, you've probably never heard of it.

Update: How many Freudian Psychiatrists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Two, one to screw in the bulb and the other to hold the penis.

Oh, I mean the mother.

No! the ladder!

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238 days ago

New study out from Pepperdine University on civilian deaths from US Airstrikes. A whopping 70% of deaths related to "collateral damage" happen because of bad intelligence (usually as a result of sketchy human intel. on the ground), and another 29% happen because of weapons malfunctions. 1819583

Both situations are obviously completely preventable.

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246 days ago

Assuming we're dealing with the Ayn Rand set, they're nuts.

However, they stole their name from the only sane people on the planet.

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247 days ago

They have their points on occasion, but generally they're crazy. All political libertarian and Austrian economic theorists ignore a fatal flaw, one that is guaranteed to tank it all upon practical application. The flaw is that they don't account for how a fairly high percentage of humans are still susceptible to the monkey trap, purposely set by those who seek to game the system to their advantage. Ask Mr. Greenspan about how that missed flaw suddenly in evidence left him nearly speechless before Congress in the wake of the financial collapse. Libertarianism has undeniable roots in classic liberalism that poses an unavoidable risk to ignore. In ignoring that, the flaw is guaranteed ignored.

Ultimately, some bad ideas just refuse to die.

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302 days ago

10/28/2004: How unfortunate that ESPN had to put this up yesterday after The Bambino Curse had been broken, They are a power in the NL west for many years since they moved out of New York. Though this is my favorite team, I would not rate this cuse as very painful as it has been brought up recently and there is no name for it yet. If I would give it a name, (I did put it on this weblist before it was deleted on Oct.10,) it should be called the NY-SF Giants Transition Curse.
11/02/2010 Cursed no more, and they hand the third place record of championship droughts to Texas today. It was a long time coming, and it was deservedly what the city of San Francisco and maybe the whole Bay Area to cherish. To imagine, it came down to the last regular season game to see who gets in, and they did- and now this persistence paid off. After 18,983 days, they did it-congratulations!
Recent update: They have done it again and we will say that this curse will never be seen again. The 2010 win was not a fluke, and they won #2 for San Francisco on Oct. 28, 2012. Delightful now that the team will stay for years to come and they will win more in the near future. Ironic that the Golden Gate's 75th Anniversary was this year too! Congrats!

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343 days ago

The purpose of income taxes isn't primarily about collections for new government revenues. It's really a means to drain middle class business owners of resources and time just to keep up with paperwork and expenses associated with such forms of taxation. The oligopolistic business classes are largely exempt from such forms of taxation by way of their foundations and other direct and indirect loopholes in the tax system. In that respect, we don't have a truly progressive tax system.

Obviously, this serves to hobble any potential upstarts before they can challenge their control over the system. The IRS is effectively a government-sanctioned racket that protects the advantages of mega-corporations and powerful individuals; in many respects, they act as their enforcers.

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351 days ago

The first thing to remember when you try to learn Japanese is they have three writting system: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, they some time use Romaji (Romanized Japanese), too. At first, I was naive to think that I could learn Japanese using just Romaji, but it turn out that use need to practice reading a lot but you cannot do it using Romaji only. So what are easy and difficult things about Japanese?

- Pronuciation: To me Japanese pronunciation is pretty easy because they has very few sounds, like a, i, u, e,o, ... [Point: 1/5]
- Grammar: It seems that the grammar is quite difficult but they has some specific rules. Point [4/5]
- Writting system: the fact that they has few sounds lead to they has two use Hiragana (for native Japanese and grammatical words), Katakana (for foreign origin words), and Kanji (Chinese characters) all together. [Point: 5/5]
- Vocabulary: Because native Japanese words, it's quite crazy when comes to this part because when will find words from English or other foreign language (in Katakana form) and Chinese (in Kanji) and some words are combination from these elements. [Point: 5/5].

So to me, overall score is 4/5.

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351 days ago

Well, I am a Vietnamese who speak fluent English and a little Japanese. Vietnamese is a difficult languages in term of speaking. We have 6 tonal marks which makes some foreign find extremely difficult. For example, my name is Hải which means "Sea", it's different from "Hai" (two), "Hái" (to pick a plant), "Hài" (a type of shoes), "Hại" (to cause damage), "Hãi" (fearful). The fact is, we have "tone" in each word lead to Vietnamese people usually speak English sentences plainly without tones.

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377 days ago

I guess there's a rule that every club has to have a white girl named after an Indian tribe?

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