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51 days ago

Do not ever make the mistake of having any account with this bank!
They are the worst bank in the world.
They constantly find ways of ripping you off.
If you are ever short on your account and go over they will have the highest item go thru first and the smallest item last so that they can get you for as many bounced check fee's as possible.
There name says Bank of America, but they are the most un patriotic bank in the nation.
They have more hidden fee's than most banks and they are deceitful.
If you want to be in league with Satan than you have found the correct bank for you.
If you want to be treated honestly find somewhere else to go. Anywhere but here.

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54 days ago

Do not get fooled by just looking by your eyes or seeing it only. The reality is totally opposite.
Reliaable Developers are totally cheats and once the layout is sold they simply throw you out.

You’ll start facing lots of problems and it will be very very impossible to reach to them and they’ll simply ignore you.

Go check their launched layouts since they’ve done the same thing. Once layout is sold they are gone, they’ll not care about basic amenities electricity, water and STP.

Initially they’ll promise you everything, but DO NOT GET FOOLED BY THEIR TALKS.
The electricity you’ll is the temporary and once you take over the layout Reliaable will not care to get the permanent power and you’ll be slapped with very heavy bills.

For Water, you’ll have to rely on your own and get the water from tankers, Just forget that they’ll put waterhead tanks and water to each plots.
STP is out of questions for at least five years.

Please visit Reliaable Silver Oak, Silver Vista and life style to witness these issues.

Please visit specially Silver Oak and Silver Vista….just go and talk to people they’re leaving there.
There life is really miserable…. My intention was simply to warn you for your sufferings if at all you are going to buy from Reliaable developers….

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66 days ago

Excellent Services

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152 days ago

Had deal with Wells Fargo. They messed up. blamed me. Tried to fix it. Everyone talked to at Wells Fargo listened to themselves and invented excuses and blamed me, my bank, and the Post Office. My bank and the Post Office work fine with the other businesses I do business with. Wells Fargo has the problem. It is the bank from hell!

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156 days ago

At USA Checks Cashed in San Diego, we offer : Check Cashing, Payday Advance / Cash Advance, Money Gram, Exchange Gift Cards, Auto Registration and Renewals .

Work days : ( Mon - Fri: 8am to 8pm ) ( Sat: 9am to 6pm ) ( Sun: 10 am to 6pm )

Payment Methods : Cash, Debit

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181 days ago

Merchant finder products that offering for latest business trend and their growth is amazing and ultimate because it hassle free services and customer supportive team make it popular

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181 days ago

these are Amazing services that provided by merchant backer that helps all new modern age business growths that wants to become global and spread your transaction in world and save a lots of time

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255 days ago

we bought plots in hosur based on what pathy promoted at nehru center mumbai 15 years ago

now when we tried selling the plot we learn that the plot is sold to may people

it warning to all

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329 days ago

Review Icon golden7 reviewed Wells Fargo in Banks:
Customer BEWARE..I would have given it 0 Stars. It is is not wonder Wellsfargo has had so many lawsuits. They hold your debit card tranactions for 2 days which should come out immediately.
Then they overdraft you 35 bucks a pop. Do yourself a favor and keep clear of WELLSFARGO.
I have taken them to the Better Business Bureau and as I mentioned they have many lawsuits against them. I have turned to ING DIRECT which charges pennys for overdraft check it out it's awesome. And they have overdraft credit 25 dollars and up. They Do not charge 35 bucks they charge pennys on your overdraft. Wellsfargo has been a nightmare..don't say i didnt warn you

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353 days ago

In 2009, I tried for 2 years to get a Mortgage Modification from Chase. I was told there was nothing they could do for me since I was making my mortgage payments. So then I stopped making my mortgage payments, went to every site to save my home and even called the President of Chase. No one would help me. I lived in my home for 26 years and now I am losing it to foreclosure. If Chase had worked with me when I could have made partial payments I would not be in this situation now. I totally blame Chase for a nervous breakdown, very close to suicide and putting in me in a mental state (other than the economy) where I could not find a job.

Don't we all (people losing homes) think there should be a CLASS ACTION law suit against these major lenders (we bailed out with our tax $'s), gave incredible bonus' to the top executives, who were well aware of what was happening to return their bonus', be held responsible and even jailed for their corruption; and pay off all the late and foreclosed property so America can go back to normal?

I also blame the President and Congress for doing NOTHING to resolve this emminent outcome. Do something and get rid of them all and make them pay for the money we owe through no fault of our own. AND MOST OF ALL...STOP SAYING THE ECONOMY IS FINE. Maybe at their houses, but not at mine.

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