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If I am Elected....My Presidential Campaign Platform  (By IgnatiusJReilly (80) on 08/30/2004)

Today, I hearby announce my write-in campaign for the highest office in the, The President of the United States. Like all serious canidates, I have a Platform of Campaign Promises to run on. You can rate each plank if you so desire while you decide to write in the name of the Next President of The United States, Ignatius J. Reilly!! I am also considering a Vice Presidential Running Mate. If you can support these issues, then contact me, and maybe I'll add your name to the ticket! 5 = Great

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Abolish The Internal Revenue Service (12)  4.36 (14)   Rate It!
Naturalized citizens must be able to speak English (28)  3.82 (33)   Rate It!
Cannibis should be legalized, taxed, and regulated like cigarettes are now. (5)  3.57 (7)   Rate It!
The Offical Language of the United States shall be English (24)  3.55 (29)   Rate It!
Prostitution should be decriminalized. (27)  3.43 (30)   Rate It!
Outlaw Spam and Pop up Ads (19)  3.38 (24)   Rate It!
15% flat tax rate for everyone, Business and Personal (24)  3.25 (28)   Rate It!
Reduction in the power of the FCC (15)  3.24 (17)   Rate It!
Healthcare in the United States should be Nationalized (26)  3.20 (30)   Rate It!
Set National Education Standards, and Nationalize Education (19)  2.95 (22)   Rate It!
Independence for Puerto Rico (13)  2.93 (15)   Rate It!
The United States should withdraw from the United Nations (23)  2.89 (28)   Rate It!
End the Tax Exemption for churches (25)  2.83 (30)   Rate It!
Abolish Foreign Aid (9)  2.64 (11)   Rate It!
Statehood for Washington D.C., Guam and American Samoa (19)  2.52 (21)   Rate It!
The removal of Fidel Castro and his cronies should be a priority. (12)  2.50 (16)   Rate It!
Allow Cruel and Unusual punishments for Child Abuse, Incest, and other cruell and unusuall crimes (29)  2.41 (34)   Rate It!
The National Drinking age shall be set at 21, except for those in the Military, where they will be allowed to drink at age 18. (15)  2.41 (17)   Rate It!
Outlaw Abortion as a method of Birth Control, but medically neccesary and other abortions will be allowed (18)  2.38 (26)   Rate It!
A National School Uniform should be put into effect. (29)  2.31 (32)   Rate It!
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