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How to find the best auto transport company?
Peter wants to help his friend Mike to ship his car. Mike is really worried, he is looking for a company which can transport his car safely to the indicated destination. Peter knows his friend concerns so he is trying to do his best so his friend can deliver his car safely, but how to find the best auto company? What are the steps to be taken? - Here are some tips which can help both friends.
1. As Google, Bing or yahoo are being part of our online life, first step is to search for keywords related to the transport companies, car transport, auto transport, car shipping, auto shipping, vehicle shipping etc. are just examples.
2. Looking at search results, you can also check the reviews and comments people left for each business, that can help to choose some good ones in the area.
3. A second way is to look into local listings and directories, great places to search is Yelp, yellow pages, city search and even Craigslist, but take caution " some spammers use craigslist to spam".
4. Make sure the company you are choosing has more than a hundred deliveries, and are experienced car transport company.
5. Choose those businesses that have website, explaining their service. Learn how to make sure a website is secure and safe.
6. Some companies charge fees upon delivery which are called "hidden fees" like a fee for deposit the amount, try to ask if there are any fees .
7. Verify (on website or by call) the credentials of any auto shipping-company by going through MCSA Safety or Better Business Bureau websites.
8. Do not work with the companies who accept cash or personal checks.
9. Ask the companies for their insurance certificate and check their policy.
10. Ask the company if they are covering the main Routes and look at their customers reviews on Facebook .

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