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"Kids were running towards the Canadian convoy because they were giving out pens and notebooks to the children. A man riding on a bicycle approached the crowd and detonated in the crowd. With the explosion, all the shouting of kids was ended and you could hear cries and people running to all sides."
-Mohammed Karim

Many Canadians today look at this War on Terror as a hopeless, and pointless misadventure, which we have no business fighting. As our NATO troops lead the way into Southern Afghanistan, we are facing the brunt of the casualties. It is a remorseless death-dealing wasteland of Taliban snares, and we progress slowly in defeating them. The Canadian death toll rises up weekly at an increasing pace, and we are inept to give each fallen soldier the proper lamentation he deserves. While our politicians argue about what Canadians really want, and what we stand for, our promises are kept and we continue to fuel the fight. Blame is passed, and shame is felt. We dont know what the future holds, and it scares many of us. We are truly in a war.

I am left with a deep-seeded sense of apathy, which although inappropriate, is also necessary. It helps me to look at the bigger picture, retain what humanity can be held in a war, and begin to understand the humanity in all sides.

So when I hear about friendly fire bombings on my troops, I have to withhold my anger and accept that this is a part of the war that Canadians must endure with the allies we have chosen. And when I hear about Taliban hitting my troops when they let their guard down, and killing young children in the progress, it reminds me of why are in this war, and why we must continue to fight it. On 9/11 we lost 23 Canadians in the World Trade Centre. It was enough for me to be at war with whomever we needed to be at war with. It was enough for me hold my judgments on Iraq until after the invasion had happened, when we knew more about the facts. And above all, it was enough for me to know that Osama Bin Laden needed to get taken out.

While the rest of this war around the world makes less sense to me every day, I look at what Canadians are doing right now, and I am filled with confidence and determination. We are leading the battle to defeat the people we know are behind the atrocities of 9/11. We are setting an amazing example of war ethics and compassion to an unethical and uncompassionate organization. We are fighting the most careless and ruthless enemies toe-to-toe, and we are tipping the scale in our favor, at a tremendous sacrifice. Our troops do not fight because they are bloodthirsty, or religious, or desperate to get ahead in life. They are fighting because it is the right thing to do, which is how Canadians have always fought in war. They have not lost sight of the goal in this war: defeat the Taliban and bring justice to Bin Laden, and they will not stop until this job has been done.

Canada does not know what to fully expect from this war. We dont know how it will end, we dont know if it will be worth it all, and we really dont know who we can trust. War is unpopular, and so are the leaders who are fighting it. I can't blame other Canadians for how they feel about it, and they shouldn't feel ashamed for feeling how they believe. But I have never been so proud to be a Canadian. I honor all the troops who have died. I support every Canadian soldier who fights, and I respect all the work they have accomplished. More and more I wish to enlist and join them, only to be wary of the religious implications of this so-called "fight for civilization." But I will always be ready at a second's notice to defend this country from those to wish my neighbors harm. God bless the Canadian troops. God bless them and lead them to their victory.

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)
"If you don't fight these terrorist here, you will have to fight them in your capitals in Europe and America and where not."
-Hamid Kazai

What would I get George W. Bush for Christmas? Why, I'd get him what everyone wants him to get: Osama Bin Laden. But before I hand him over, I would bet large that Bush cringes upon receiving him, and sends him back to the Afghan/Pakistan border before anyone else finds out about it. He's already let Bin Laden go a couple times, so I doubt he'd keep him around for very long. Bush is very aiding-and-abetting like that. At least it would further prove an already proven point.

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)
"Im too experienced to be taken for a stroll. Im too experienced for someone to rock and roll. Im too experienced to be taken for a ride, and I know its not my foolish pride."
-Barrington Levy

Two months ago, I asked out a girl at a coffee shop down the road from my day job. I thought she was Persian based on her eyes, but when we started talking it turned out that she was originally from Afghanistan. Her family fled to India when the Taliban came, and she had only been living in Canada for less than a year. She was a 19-year-old Muslim. Growing up the way she did, she never had a boyfriend, and had never even been kissed. She was saving everything for the man she would marry, and she pretty much hated every guy that had ever approached her. I was the first exception.

Now normally if a girl is too religious to put out, I would smile, waste some time, leave, and forget all about her. But this was intriguing. She didn't want her parents or anyone else to find out she was dating a non-Muslim so she recommended we have our first date at my place and watch a movie. Because I have roommates she agreed it would be a better idea to watch it in my room. So she came over and we started watching the Exorcism of Emily Rose, when she asked if I could take off my shirt, so she could see the tattoo I showed her on MSN. I thought this was all pretty kinky, considering she was going against the teachings of her faith, and the fact she would certainly be killed in her home country for being with me, yet alone smiling at me at the coffee shop.

But the whole thing was strange. She made all these advances on me, yet when I'd make one myself shed turn away, "no please I'm sorry don't." I sat back, and watched the movie, but then she slowly snuggled up to me and felt me up. I tried again, and she would jerk her head away. This happened through most of the movie, with stupid pillow talk in between. She apologized to me, but said it was complicated, but to me it wasn't complicated at all. She had to resist, or Allah would send her to hell. I was disapointed and glad that her family was expecting her back soon. She told them she was at the mall. So I escorted her to my front door, and politely said, "look, I'm sorry. I must have misread your intentions. I dont think this will work. you and I want two completely different things." She started getting frustrated. It wasn't hard to understand the inner conflict for her. It was me, or her religion. And so we went up stairs and fooled around.

Now I know that most guys out there would love to be with a girl that has never been touched by another guy. Purity is a big turn on. But this chick was just too much of a virgin for me. Even her kissing was like a vacuum stuck to my lower lip. I had to stop before it got too far, because it wasn't worth it. Besides, I knew this girl would regret it sooner or later.

But she hasn't yet. She is infatuated with me. "You're not like any other guy I know," she says. But, I am. Somehow though I came off as Mr. Amazing, and now she thinks she's in love with me. I told her shes too young to know love. "How can a 19 year old be too young for love?" She asks. Well, I believe if you fall in love with me after one date in my room, it doesnt matter how old you are. You are too young to know what love is. And now she's gone stalker, so I had to block her from MSN, and I never go to that coffee shop again.

I learned two things from this. First of all, if she's a Muslim virgin from Afghanistan, break it off. She's crazy! Second of all, Purity is overrated. A guy like me needs to be with a girl who's been there, but needs something better. This chick needs someone as awkward and inexperienced as her.

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)
"In the future, everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes"

Comparing people to that of the ideals of Hitlers Nazi Germany is essentially giving up the value of your own opinion, for one of the limpest cheap shots of this century. Although I admit I feel like doing this at times, I would rather use an analogy that is less universally offensive. But everyone is susceptible to this, especially this day in age. On an opinion website, it doesnt take much political thought before someone might call you a Nazi. People who have experienced this know there is nothing quite like the first time youve been called worse then Hitler. And once it happens all rational dialogue is pretty much lost. Now on a grander scale this might be why there is complete worldwide miscommunication. Anyone can call a country, an ideology, or any group the epitome of evil. But where the hell do we get off using Hitler and Nazi analogies? Well lets do some real viable comparisons, shall we?

Well start with terrorists. Now Im sorry to any terrorists out there, but I have personal bias against you. You seem to fit the bill pretty well. You fund violence, you fund death squads, and you threaten every possible civilian, and undermine every possible government. Youre anti-Semitic which is ironic because all middle-eastern people are Semitic. You want nothing but death to all Jews, Christians, non-believers, Sunnis, and Shiites, which pretty much means death to everybody, except South Asians, which you dont seem to really care about But I could be wrong about that one. Also, being called Nazis doesnt seem to bug you as much as being called a terrorist.

Now, Democrats might think this is absurd but you have similarities as well. Youve been distorting facts, revealing facts, undermining war, undermining peace, scaring the public with the apocalypse and global warming, supporting socialism, supporting eugenics, media propaganda, juvenile violence, nasty language, bullying, intimidating, retreating, enslaving minorities, silencing opinions, telling people to shut up, sympathizing with evil, having no morals, having no soul, and are secretly being controlled by self-genocidal Jewish conspirators. Yep, believe it or not, Dems have some definite similarities to Nazis.

And Im sure you Conservatives are no stranger to your accusations. Apparently you support warmongering, pre-emptive war, illegal gas bombing, illegal torture, illegal spying, crusading, and privatizing an uncontrollable military industrial complex. Youve called for religious profiling, racial profiling, youve gone completely nationalistic, you have specific groups to blame for everything wrong in your country, and you have a glorified dictator voted in under desperate measures, with a monopoly on the countrys media and Christian fan base. Oh yeah, and everything I said about the Democrats applies to you as well; except for the global warming, which is just plain ridiculous.

Now unfortunately we all do stuff that Nazis did. But does it ever make it any easier when we compare people to them? Cant we figure out whats wrong with this world without bringing up World War 2? Nazis did a hell of a lot of things, but most of it is hardly unique. Democrats and Conservatives arent Nazis. Youre all just a bunch of ants, working on two different ant hills, thinking your hill will provide you better food, shelter and protection. And terrorists arent Nazis either. Germany had an actual achievable goal. Al Queda is a sorry band of starving anarchists, with nothing better to do with their lives, than die. Theyll keep making the world paranoid, which will only make things worse on them and their loved ones, and theyll never have a chance of winning. At best you can compare them to 1945 Japanese suicide pilots, except they will probably think its a victory when the U.S. gives up, and nukes Tehran.

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)
"Having already used a homosexual slur to describe Al Gore and to suggest Bill Clinton is gay, why she has not been banned from this network, I do not know. Her new column is question-and-answer format. 'Question: Does Hillary Clinton have a good chance in 2008?' Coulter's answer: 'Good chance of what? Coming out of the closet? I'd say that's about even money.' So it's slightly lower, than the odds that you've never seen another adult naked, and you're a 45-year-old virgin with an Adam's apple?"
-Keith Olbermann

Sorry Scarletfeather. I do not dig the Adam's apple... It's quite disgusting... in fact it is one of the most unnatractive things a woman could ever have, alongside mannish hands, and skeletal cheekbones. In a very few number of Ann Coulters interviews, the lighting can hide these hints of transexuality, and then she looks alright... But I still know it's there... Gross.

Michelle Malkin on the other hand... Sexy! I would definitely give her a good time... So good!

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)
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Part 2

"But what if dont have my lawyers number on hand?" Where would I find lawyers?
"Dont worry, we will find them once we get to the station."
"O.K., that sounds good. By the way, "I stalled, "What are the differences between first and third degree assault."
He then explained it to me. "...and so basically you will be looking at about five years of prison." I took a deep breath to let that sink in. "Are you aware of the consequences?"
"Yes officer, that would certainly ruin my life."
"Okay, well I just need to read you this, and then you can talk to your lawyers about what you have to say."
"But what if I'm ready to tell you what I have to say?"
"I recommend you speak to your lawyers first? You shouldnt have to say anything to me."
"But what if I want to?"
"Again, I don't recommend you do that. Your lawyers will know how to handle your situation better."
"I see, but what would be the benefits of skipping all that and telling you what I have to say right now?"
The cop sighed. "If you can prove you are innocent now, we wont have to go down to the station. But no matter what, I have to read you your rights, before we do anything."
"Okay" I said, with no better option. So he read me my rights, and I signed some papers that acknowledged he read it, and then I continued.
"So I was talking to some girls, when they pointed out the fight going on behind me. I turned around to see your bartender attacking a friend of mine."
"Who is your friend?"
"Uh, some guy I know from class." I changed the subject. "Now I guess the bartender was trying to hold him back, but to me he looked like he was strangling him. My friend was kicking for his life, but the guy had him in some kind of sleeper hold." I tried to demonstrate with my arms behind my head.
"You mean a Half-Nelson?"
"Yeah, that's the one. And the guy was not wearing a bouncer uniform, so I had no idea who he was. He just looked like some random guy trying to hurt my friend. I felt that I should break it up for my friends defense, so I went over there and... y'know, separated them. And once I realized he was working there, I left quietly and peacefully."
"I see... Well that makes sense," He muttered. "It didnt sound like you were there to cause trouble."
"Well, I mean look at me officer. Do I look like I go around looking for trouble?"
"No, you don't." He began to stare down at his feet. "I dont see any real reason to take you in now. But I think you should go settle this with the school, so that you dont get expelled. The bartender could still charge you... but he'd have to be a pretty big asshole to do so."
"Well, I agree with you there, officer. And believe me, I'll go down there and settle this.
"Good. You do that," he said, as he turned, to open his car door. Now if this cop had any good cop instincts, he would have known that had I lied to his face, with every loophole I could find in the truth. But what could he do? I had a solid case. The bartender did not have a bouncer uniform, so he should have known better than to get involved.
"And by the way officer, I am still mad at the student union for pulling this stunt on me. Can I still charge them, incase the guy is an asshole?"
"I dont think so," he said. "You were on their property, so they can legally do whatever they want."
Later on, I checked with some law students. That pig didn't know what the he'll he was talking about. Those security ogres did everything illegal. I just thought it was pathetic that these jock straps would take a bouncer job to push people around and feel like a big man, yet when a wiry little guy like me puts one in their place, they call for 5-0.

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"Is they what you call gangsta, hell no
They get a lil' pitch and go snitch to the po'"
-Mos Def

Part 1

This story happened to me near the end of my years in college. One late Monday morning after a long weekend of strenuous thought, a police officer came to my door. He told me to talk to him outside, so he gave me a minute while I put on my jacket, and I met him in front of my driveway.
Do you know what this is about?" he asked, sitting against his car and staring at me with his arms crossed.
"I have a pretty good Idea," I said with my hands in my pocket, staring out to the street.
"So you know that you could be found guilty of punching a bartender at your colleges pub last week?"
"He was a bartender?" I looked at him surprised. "I thought he was a bouncer."
"No, he was working at the bar most of the night. The student union knows who you are, and said that you've had issues with them in the past. So they are looking to press charges against you."
"I certainly have had issues with them, but usually its their fault," I said in my defense.
"Well, I'm going to charge you with assault then. I'll read you your rights, and then I'll take you down to the station where you can talk to a lawyer. If you dont have a lawyer, we will provide you with-."
"I have two lawyers." I said, cutting him off. "But I dont need them. I can tell you right now what really happened."
"Well the student union has six security guards as eyewitnesses. They all saw what you did, and they are all willing to testify against you. You are in a heap of trouble, so you should definitely have a lawyer before you say anything."
I shrugged it off. "I wouldn't accept their testimony. Those guys are biased against me. They're always kicking me and my friends out, every other time we go there, for absolutely nothing. They run that place like a high class nightclub, even though it's usually dead there, and I know their methods of doing it are illegal. So if they're going to go through with this, I will press charges back at them."
"Well they told me, you would bring that up, but I cant see what they'd be doing that is illegal."
"Well..." I thought. "For starters they use unnecessary brute force and start fights with people for no reason. They peak over the stalls in the bathroom when you're taking a deuce, just so they can try to bust you for doing something. They did that to a friend of mine, and accused him of rolling a joint, even though he had nothing on him." The cop was getting impatient.
"And whenever they kick me out for no reason at all, they would never let me tell my friends that I'm leaving when I asked them. They'd leave me outside by myself with no one to take me home, and not even an offer to call for a taxi. In that state I am a potentially dangerous weapon, and they would be responsible for all of my actions." The cop put his arm out to try and calm me down.
"Like, its really terrible pub, officer. Every student there knows that. The only reason anyone goes there is because there is nowhere else to go in town. The student union is the one that deserves to be charged. Im sick of the place. I only went there that night because my horny friends dragged me."
"Well that has nothing to do with this situation," He said. "Just let me read you your rights. Its standard protocol. You're being charged with third degree assault. After we can take you down to the station to talk to your lawyers."

(Continued at

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)
"As Canada's frozen tundra melts, for example, it could cause the soil to release methane, which is an extremely powerful greenhouse gas. This, in turn, could again make global warming worse."
-David Suzuki

I guess it depends all on where you live. For me it'll be a real gas.

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)
"I never met a person, government, government agency, politician, tax department, or any charitable or non-governmental agency who ever refused any money from me, even though I was world famous as a marijuana seed seller. Banks opened accounts and issued credit cards, and I was honest and candid with every last one of them."
-Marc Emery

First of all, I have quit smoking marijuana. Thats not to say that I stopped. It just means that I quit. I do not buy it, I do not smoke it in public, and I do not smoke it with anyone I hardly know. These days I do absolutely nothing, that I could be prosecuted for in a court of law. I didnt quit for the sake of my health. I still drink alcohol and eat fast food from time to time, and both are infinitely more damaging and deadly than a joint. I didnt quit for the sake of the law either. Police would have to commit more criminal acts, than the crime itself just to bust me. And I certainly did not quit because I am older and more mature. The reason I quit was that I looked at every pothead out there, and I began to think "what a bunch of losers." I really dont care to be associated or categorized into the same group as these people. They fight an injustice of secondary importance in a time of instability. They weaken the strengths of other, more important calls for reformation, like civil and human rights, just so they can have their own selfish means to smoke up. Even though nothing is stopping them from doing it at home, or socially with trusted friends in a safe environment, they scream for the right to purchase it from strangers, and smoke it in front of people, who dont want the stink to fill their lungs, or stain their clothes.

These people are genuine losers. Not like you America. You guys are winners. For keeping it illegal in your country, as well as every other country that is intimidated by you, you are winners. Every one of you, who uses all the completely unfounded misinformation to keep it suppressed, is a smart, smart person. Even though you have no experience on the subject, and not a shred of evidence to back up your arguments, you have the determination to keep the mass majority of progressives from overturning the most ridiculous law of the last century. And why is it that you are so smart, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you, my fine feathered friends. You are protecting America, from marijuana's evil economic influence. If America dared to try and legalize hemp, the industry created would simply die out from foreign competition. Since Mexico and Canada both grow way better herb than you, you simply cant compete. Mexico would have a thriving hemp industry. They would use it for everything, creating a society free from imports of clothing, paper, and even food. The dip in American exports around the world would cripple many of your industries, and cause a severe depression. Unbeknown to my immature Canadian brethren, we would also be in a state of crisis, as millions of illegal American immigrants would flood our borders, desperate for work. We would have nowhere left to put them. We would have to accept you as slave labor in the hemp fields, earning $8 a day Canadian, which we would then export, dirt cheap to the evil Mexican Industrial Empire.

But thankfully that will not happen. Its this kind of anti-pot activism that makes America a winner. Throughout all the lies and propaganda you try to feed us, there truly is a dangerous threat in marijuana, that threatens our continent to the very core.

Now some of you may think this is sarcastic, and over-exaggerated... and maybe you're right. But come on America, you put less thought and relevance into every other excuse to keep it illegal. You might as well start using this one now. After all, blaming the Mexicans is how it all started. You might as well finish it that way.

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)
"Men fear death, as children fear to go in the dark; and as that natural fear in children is increased with tales, so is the other."
-Francis Bacon

If God told Bush that Ronald Reagan went to Hell because Alzheimers made him forget Jesus, Do you think Bush would change his mind? Nah, I doubt it.

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)
What should have been swift revenge turned into an all out war. The City of God was divided. You couldn't go from one section to the other, not even to visit a relative. The cops considered anyone living in the slum a hoodlum. People got used to living in Vietnam, and more and more volunteers signed up to die.

I would not dare offer an opinion on this conflict, and declare it would make matters better. The solution is simply long lost. Without war, the Jews will be annihilated. Without diplomacy, the war will get bigger and faster than we are prepared for. And without massive civilian evacuations, a lot of innocent people are going to die. Simply talking about it makes me feel like an irresponsible political pundit, who gets rich off an hours worth of work a day, just so he can tell the world we are in WW3 before any politician dares to.

Some people doubt that Israels offensive has anything to do with the two captured soldiers by Hezbollah. Its an easy assumption to make when Olmert and the majority of the Israeli people gradually change their intentions with Lebanon. One might ask what Israel is doing to find these two soldiers beyond bombing random targets and civilians. The simplest way to get those two soldiers back would be to give into Hezbollahs demands and do a prisoner exchange, which everyone in their right minds knows is out of the question. My way of doing it would be to invade them, capture at least twenty Hezbollah militants, and then do a prisoner exchange. Two people can play the cut-and-run game, after all. With that kind of strategy we can attack terrorists, beat them at their own game, make them realize that negotiating won't work in their favor, and they will not be able to criticize Israel without sounding like the hypocritical bureaucrats that they are.

But unfortunately that strategy comes over a month too late. Damage has already been done. Even a sound idea is lost on this conflict. Like I said, it does not matter. Civilians will die. I dont know who exactly is looking for these 2 POWs, but the fighting certainly wont end if, and when they are found.

So the best Idea now is to destroy Hezbollah, cut the Syrian influence to the region, find some sort of lasting peace solution, and hope the children who are growing up watching their friends die, wont ruin it someday. As flimsy as that theory is, I am fresh out of ideas.

But I will say this about Hezbollah. What they are doing is nothing new. All around the world, throughout time, amongst every culture, every revolution against a government starts with persuading innocent people to protect its thugsters when the law comes calling. Its the easiest thing to do if you're a terrorist, or a gangster. You can often do more for people than a government, that is until the people become dependant on you, and get caught up in wars. Today Lebanese civilians support Hezbollah more than ever. They supply civilians with food, shelter, medicine and freedom that the Lebanese government cant provide themselves. Killing the Lebanese civilians might be in Israels best interest, because civilians are only loyal to those that let them survive. They will soon enough take the place of their rebel protectors, for what else would they do? I think the best solution to this crisis and create a lasting peace, is to solve the age-old question: How does the government win back the hearts of the people from the rebel? I dont know the answer. Maybe it's in a book somewhere. But if we cant figure this out quickly then buckle up.

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)
"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing."
-Mick Jagger

When I was in Yellowknife last year, Mick's brother Chris Jagger was in town for a weekend playing in some fairly-decent bluegrass band. Now I'm sure most people have never even heard of Chris Jagger before, but in Yellowknife he made the front page of the newspaper just for making an appearance. I saw him play at The White Fox. He had obviously stolen a couple of his brother's shirts; not to mention mannerisms. I was less than ecstatic at his performance, but those Yellowknifers love folky, twangey jam sessions. So Chris fit in pretty darn well. Now this was where I saw how famous and cool Mick Jagger really is: In the middle a song, Chris went out into the dancefloor and cut in between a 8/10 blonde, and her boyfriend, who was easily the biggest guy in the club. This guy looked like he could break a Jagger in half like a twig, but instead he turned around and gave everyone else a double-thumbs-up. He had a dopey star struck awe all over his face as if to say "Oh yeah! Mick Jagger's brother just stole my girl infront of me! How cool am I!" Yes, Mick Jagger is certainly cool. Not even his disgusting prune-face lips can hide that coolness. He is so cool, that everyone linked to him is cool. And everyone they're linked to becomes cool too somehow. Infact I guess it must take 6 degrees of seperation before someone uncool gets associated with him... Of course as Mick found out at SARS-fest, Justin Timberlake is an exception. Sorry Mick, you can't help everyone.

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)
"How now? a rat? Dead, for a ducat, dead!"

Dick is Dead. Long live Dirk

- Rated by: DirkyBoy (11)