RateItAll Consumer Ratings API

RateItAll offers full access to its database of consumer ratings and reviews content via its API. 

Here are four important reasons to try the RateItAll Consumer Rating API:

- Seed your consumer review service with some of the millions of consumer ratings in RateItAll's database

- Collect and display consumer ratings and reviews from your own user base

- Distribute and promote your data to RateItAll.com's large user base. Learn more about Distribution.

- Monetize your data on RateItAll.com with our 50/50 Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program. Learn more about Monetization.

Here is a partial list of functionality available through the RateItAll Consumer Rating API:

Retrieve ratings and reviews for a particular item or from a particular reviewer
Retrieve user names and profile pictures
Retrieve item names, images, and descriptions
Retrieve reviews for particular items
Retrieve comments for a particular review
Post reviews for a particular item
Post comments for a particular review
Create new items
Create new topics
Retrieve a list of available subjects for which a topic can be created
Create new reviewer accounts

The RateItAll API is currently in closed Alpha - if you would like to participate, please email Lawrence Coburn ([email protected]).

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