Ft Myers, Florida

Fort Myers is the home of county seat[3] and commercial center of Lee County, Florida. The population ...
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Added on 04/30/2008
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Ft Myers, Florida 5

Man can I not wait any longer to move to this paradise! I was there twice and had the best time of my life! Although there are shady areas especially between Ford and Highland avenues, just south of Martin Luther King Blvd, Fort Myers is otherwise great. Whoever thinks the nightlife is crappy and there is nothing fun to do has obviously never explored Fort Myers! I mean, come on people! There are several lounges downtown, there is a Discotheque just off College Parkway, there are several museums including Edison Ford and the Imaginarium, there's a water park in Cape Coral, and not to mention all the great beaches both on the river bank and on the ocean side!

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Ft Myers, Florida 2

I've been to Fort Myers several times and it's always been lovely.  The beaches are beautiful, Sanibel is just down the road.  It's the best of southwest Florida.  It's a great place to retire, not necessarily a great place to live a life.  Weather is A+, though summers are toasty hot.  But beyond golfing, walking, going to the outlet mall, and going to the beach, extra curriculars are limited.

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Ft Myers, Florida 3

OK. Has terrible traffic especially during the winter months and this area would highly benefit from some new interstate highways, lack of real attractions, things to do or good nightlife for the younger crowd and a lot of suburbian sprawl. Too many old people. Too spread out. The true city limits is very ghetto and high crime, although the downtown is slowly revitalizing itself. Also on the bright side there are some beautiful beaches within a good proximity (sanibel island, naples, marco island, siesta key and others), great weather, any store you could ever look for as is common from any huge metropolis yet it is clean and not a real big city area. Not a real far drive from Tampa, Sarasota or Miami. This place has potential but with its economy crippled, it will take longer for any improvements to happen.

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