The Princess and The Frog

On Dec. 11, 2009, the 49th movie in Disney's canon appeared worldwide. The budget of 105 million dollars was less than half of the worldwide revenue of $267,045,057.
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The Princess and The Frog 3

I give Disney props for taking a break from the whole live-action movie tweeny thing they've got going on lately, but as far as interest goes, this is a bust. It's at least nice in the sense that they were trying for their roots in 2D animation again but for some reason it just didn't have that element that makes the classics such as Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, or Beauty and the Beast so memorable.

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The Princess and The Frog 5

Disney's animation studios are back in business!
This movie's overall theme of hard work will give you true happiness in the end, and that one should pursue their dreams is one for the ages.
In my opinion, having it set in New Orleans would be great in revitalizing the city after Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed the city- it would show that no matter the circumstance, the culture there will not be destroyed. I did like the signature leap that Frog Tiana and Naveen did when they were dancing in the bayou- a classic! Sure, the frog in the beginning was what they were supposed to be, but to good thinking, Frog Tiana and Nassen were cute in their way. Yes, as active fans, we will see a good character (Ray Firefly) die, but truly some spritual connotation as his spirit is now a star. (Sorry to spoil it!)
Songs were great and native to the 18th state. Nobody should miss watching this movie where the main characters are black. Finally, Disney caught on with racial equality and put it into a movie that people ages 5 to 95 can watch!

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