E.L. Fudge

Kellogg's-brand, consisting of 2 troll-shaped butter cookies conjoined by chocolate frosting
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Item added by lebronmainson. Added on 05/04/2009
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E.L. Fudge 5

Great for folks who like milk, dunking food in milk, and feeling like a 5 year-old.

Seriously, if any of these things appeal to you, then I beg of you: turn off your computer. Get into your car, or the bus, or a pair of rollerblades, and go straight to your nearest grocery and/or convenience store. Thank your cashier with an inappropriate amount of cheer, knowing what awaits you at home. Tear into the package, make sure you've got a glass that's slightly deeper than the cookie itself, and go to town.

Tomorrow, when you remember your night with the E.L. Fudges, come back here and thank me.

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