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Nokia N85 is the latest and funkcionaliausias N series product. Funkcionaliausias, therefore, because it can be to enjoy the excellent N-Gage games, listening to music, use the navigational capabilities of the Nokia Maps application integrated GPS assistance, and to record the desired moment of life with 5.0 megapixel camera. As we know, this phone has Symbian OS 9.3 operating system based on the Nokia S60 user interface. All visual information is displayed type AMOLED display, a memory card slot will extend the internal memory, 3.5 mm in diameter sound quality headphones connector plug, TV-Out - photos and video, display TV, WiFi - Internet browsing. Of course this model and find the FM radio receiver with RDS function, and even FM radio transmitters. The price of the equipment is perfectly aligned with the opportunities and gives the buyer the opportunity to acquire an excellent price / quality ratio of the product. This review of the phone allows you to make sure of what I had to make sure, and perhaps encourage the inclusion of this phone in the Christmas gift list. Nokia N85 is the phone package, 8 GB memory card, battery, headphones with integrated hands-free. They are very comfortable in hearing the music, as well as hands-free conversations. But that's not all, the manufacturer did not forget and USB data transfer cable, TV-out cable, as well as brochures with Star Wars The Force Unleashed mobile game full version activation code, and yet another for-activate any choice of the N-Gage game. Naturally, the package is, and all the necessary software, and sufficient information, if you want access to the functions of the phone - the user guides, installation manuals, and a DVD drive. Nokia N85 is a sleek casing, made from high quality plastic, it is really strong, the hand of the very convenient. Slankiojamasis mechanism in this model is stable, ištraukinÄ—ti phone is easy and simple. The front part of the hull is dark black, rear - a copper brown color. The rear of the lens found in Photo cameras, over a fitted double LED flash. I have to mention that the videography, as well as other N series phones, light red light between the two diodų.Telefono the upper part of the on / off button, 3.5 mm audio and video output, and microUSB connector for data transfer and battery charging. On the right side of puikuojasi the two stereo speakers, the audio and video enhancement / gulf buttons, sliding lock / unlock button and one button Photo cameras. The lower part there is nothing on the left hand side is only a memory card lizdas.subtilųjį Nokia N85, exclusively for the other models, equipped with QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) resolution AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) type display. These technologies display a higher color depth, and is illuminated. Compared with the Nokia N82, the difference seen obvious. Diagonal screen size is 2.6 inches, and the size - 40 x 54 mm. The screen can display 17 million. colors. Above the screen, next to the front of the camera installed in the small dimensions of the luminous intensity of the sensor, through which the dark screen of light higher during the day - darker. This stuff added to the Nokia in particular, to different areas of lighting we could see the same bright screen, all the other phone's battery-saving reasons. Screen brightness can be adjusted the same, but it should be remembered that the purpose is very bright light, the phone will serve you a shorter, if less pronounced - for longer. The phone's screen to the sensor and the orientation. His thanks, you can comfortably watch video content, ie the phone is tilted to the horizontal, the image also automatically atsiskleis you a higher resolution. The device is completed with a BL-5K lithium ion battery, the capacity is 1200 mAh. According to the manufacturer, the phone can stay in standby mode about 363 hours, and the "face" conversations - about 6.9 hours. Verification of such data, the model tested Manoj battery survived for 3 days, during which I asked for music, to write about 10-20 SMS per day, and sometimes pafotografuodavau. If limiting the use of the phone functions to minimize and reduce the brightness of the screen has a battery to hold more than 3 days.
Nokia N85 running the four frequencies (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM and single-frequency (2100 MHz) UMTS networks. The phone is a fully-fledged third-generation mobile communication and supports a number of wireless data transmission technologies and other useful functions - it is GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA and Bluetooth 2.0 (with A2DP support), and video chat. In addition, it is the integrated WiFi (802.11 b / g) module, through which, you can surf the Internet anywhere is the only Internet access point. A2DP profile, you will be able to connect a wireless headset or wireless columns and listen to high quality stereo music without wires. The Nokia also supports UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) technology, which allows you to create your own home network, where your desired multimedia file storage will be on your computer and download from the desired data, wireless LAN access point support. In order to implement the package get all the necessary software, and an additional primokėjus, it is possible to make your music and film archive to be available everywhere and always - not only in your home "hotspot'o" limits (ie, accessible from any point of the world, you only only need internet access). Nokia N85 has Symbian operating system, version 9.3, with the S60 user interface 3-Finally, the third permit and 2 th feature package. This software is both less and more noticeable changes. Standby mode is already an indicator, which informs that the phone has a memory card, and the translation to the left side of the phone in standby mode also pasiverčia landscape. The already well known to the Symbian operating system, the menu and went to the folder of photos, an excellent picture of the menu, which is divided and sorted into the "fixed image", "months", "albums", "markers", "downloads", "all videos and photos "and" shared network "images. To see just what the device with its "rare" photos, please go to the directory of fixed images, but if you have photo albums, it is necessary to go into the album folder. To see all the shared videos and photos and images, it will need to go to the "all folders".
okia N85 has 5 megapixel resolution camera, which as well as other family members are N Carl Zeiss optics, Tessari lens and CMOS sensor. Maximum photo resolution - 2584 x 1938, if you want, you can choose a lower resolution, and photo formats. Other camera features: Plot (automatic, user defined, close-up mode, the vertical, horizontal, sports, night, night vertical), flash modes (enabled, disabled, automatic, red-eye removal), timer, sequence mode and a direct entrance to the photos gallery. Sorry, but this phone's camera disappointed because the pictures taken do not particularly good kokybe.Nokia N85 video mode c

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