2350 N Clark St
Chicago ,  IL   60614-3423
United States
Phone: (773) 528-2622
Added on 11/19/2004
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Neo 1

Absolutely unsafe, in an absolutely horrible terrible, extremely bad neighborhood! This place has at least 250 to 400 shootings every day. Flash mobs with stolen MP-5s and AK-47s attack the place in broad daylight causing mass pandemonium. SWAT teams have been gunned down, murdered, and robbed in the neighborhood. News/media personnell won't go in that neighborhood anymore because too many broadcasters have been shot and murdered on the job by the flash mobs. The club and the neighborhood it sits in is a war zone!

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Neo 5

creepy dude in the corner voguing to depeche mode?  Check.  goth girl dancing by herself??  Check. people dancing like they're practicing tai chi?  Check. mean, stingy bartender?  Check. lifestyle dominatrix?  check.

At neo's you'll find every freak, geek, fatty, junkie, speed freak, hippie, yippie, drag queen, anarchist, communist, whore, gold digger, hustler, intellectual, cross dresser,  runaway, beatnik, chicken queen, s*it kicker, peacenik, pollack, war monger, S&M queen, and drop out you ever went to high school with that hates the government, mainstream music, and of course dear old mom and dad. and everyone is accepted with open arms.  (unless you take off your stillettos because youre wasted and your feet hurt on the dance floor....that gets you kicked out)

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