Pall Mall Filtered Menthols

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ShadyShadows24 68

Pall Mall Filtered Menthols 3

These are not the menthol you expect. It isn't that strong but the buzz factor is good and these don't make you smell bad. Some cheap cigs have a bad smell and yellow finger effect. Look at those broke a$$holes that smoke mavericks and top, pall mall is a better way to go. Or just spend the extra money and get a special sale pack of camel or marlboro.

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Pall Mall Filtered Menthols 4

As I mentioned in my review for Pall Mall Lights, you're not going to get a lot out of these cigarettes if you don't wear down the filter (roll it around inbetween your fingers, fold it in half multiple times one way and then other, etc.)

Once you've done that, these are pretty enjoyable. Don't expect a lot of flavor, 'cause there isn't much. A pretty decent menthol that does its job: A cooling but not minty sensation on draw, and a hint of it left on exhale. If you're a broke menthol smoker, pick up a pack of these. They're $3 here as opposed to the usual $5+ for most other brands. They're cheap everywhere.

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Pall Mall Filtered Menthols 1

These are the first menthol cigarettes I have tried. My usual brand is Pall Malls so I thought I might as well try their menthol variation. I personally would not recommend this type of Pall Mall to anyone. Though it creates a pleasing cooling sensation in your mouth (and nose if you exhale through it), there is no minty flavor, and actually little flavour at all. The only thing I tasted was a strange plastic-y aftertaste and the feeling of a plastic coating inside my mouth. I also don't recommend exhaling through your nose with these, as it creates a stinging and burning sensation that isn't very pleasant. These ended up making my throat feel sore and giving me a light headache. I'm sure there are better types of menthol cigarettes out there, but these have turned me off of Menthol for good. I'll just stick to my unfiltered and filtered red Pall Malls for now.

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