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I learned to swim at the McBurney Y on 23rd Street in Manhattan. The fine old building that housed single room occupancy tenants, a pool and a gym was well kept and quite serviceable. Its tenants were evicted and it was torn down a few years ago.

The New Canaan Y in Connecticut is as luxurious as one would expect in such an upscale community and the staff is helpful and friendly.

The Y in Staten Island is as uninviting as those described by other reviewers, and it has a staff to match.

At less than half the price of a YMCA, the YMHAs in Queens and Brighton Beach are an excellent bargain, though they are rather spartan facilities.

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The YMCA is the most UN-Christian place to try and stay healthy. As a matter of fact, run in the opposite direction if you EVER see a Y. They are a waste of good membership fees and a real pain in the backside to deal with. The class leaders are rude, crude, and generally not fit to be presented in public. They should, instead, be locked in a cage far far away from the public where they can be dealt with appropriately. DO NOT USE THE YMCA!!! NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY!! RUN!!! RUN AWAY!!! Don't get me started on the customer service! What customer service? Didn't you know you're just lucky that those nice Christian folks decided to bother to open their doors? Sure, you pay a fee but that doesn't entitle you to any sort of good treatment. Consider it a TITHE to the glorious Y and their oh-so-holy (-er than thou) members.

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Mr Evangel


I have had two experiences with them. First time was through my college. I was taking a swimming class, and I have to say I was not impressed. The staff is not that friendly. I don't like the atmoshphere of the place it's just uncomfortable. The second time I was looking for a place to join so I could workout! I thought I would give them another chance I went in to ask for imformation and they didn't seem to be interested in making more business becasue they seem to be to busy to help me. The lady at the desk impassionetly asked me what I needed and then told me to take a self tour. Not Impressed!

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