Blood and Iron

Prussian chancellor Bismarck
Added on 07/23/2009
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Blood and Iron 4

The definition of the industrial age, when Germany ramped up its commercial and political machine under Bismarck. The next 100 years will be defined by data and electrons. Hard industry is on the way out. The first great power that realizes this will run the world for the foreseeable future.

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Blood and Iron 5

Ah, Blut und Eisen. Bismarck, the genius, was a master of diplomacy and coining a phrase as well. This phrase was grabbed by the international community to characterize Bismarck's diplomacy during his long period of office.

As a fan of Bismarck, and a reader of some of his biographies, he was not a warmonger at all but after his three well-picked wars to unify the German state, he avoided war as you would the plague.

After the restraining hand of Bismarck was removed from the scene, the Kaiser and the German ruling establishment dived into dangerous waters escalating up to the disastrous First World War.

I recollect an RIA list with quotes from the Iron Chancellor and showing his wisdom.

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