Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts
14 McGrath Highway
Somerville ,  MA   02143
United States
Phone: (617) 666-9131
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Dunkin Donuts 3

The coffeshop is small. I got a nice hot chocolate and I tried the french cruller here today. The hot cocoa was fair, a little too sweet but I tasted worst. The french cruller was dry and too sweet. The staff is nice, 2 indians ladies. When she saw me entering the place she greeted me very fast. I was impressed. She was talking with a coworker in their native language. It did not bother me at all because firstly because I like it and secondly she was still very attentive with my order. There are a few tables and chairs if you want to rest your feet after shopping in the area. What I dislike here is that one table is right in front of the restrooms. I had to seat, the only table that was available was that one. I sat for a few seconds and I was like hell no! It just does not feel right. Truereview here to tell you the truth.

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