PetSafe Stubborn Dog System Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence

An inground fence system specifically designed for stubborn dogs
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PetSafe Stubborn Dog System Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence 5

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PetSafe Stubborn Dog System Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence 1

Study (O'kelly and Steckle 1939)
after study (Ulrich and Crane 1964)
after study (Johnson 1972)
after study (Moyer 1976)
after study (Tortora 1983)
after study (Polsky 1994)
after study (Reid and Borchelt 1996)
after study (Polsky again 2000)
after study (Steissa and Caroline Schaffer 2000)
after study (Ahmad and Voith 2006)
show that shock collars are dangerous, painful, cruel and have no place in humane training of a dog. Among the health related dangers are third degree burns (visible) higher stress (not visible and which can lead to higher blood pressure, neurotic tendancies and ultimately death.) They can also cause tissue damage, (visible) physical lesions, (visible) and can cause acceleration in heart beat (not visible) which can lead to siezures and organ failure (not visible until it is too late)
Other risks include emotional trauma, higher stress (Shalke 2000) and aggression. (Polsky 2000, Shalke 2006)
In as little as 7 days the negative effects of shock collars take hold and even when a dog not wearing a collar is reintroduced to the area where he was wearing a collar, signs of stress reappear. (Shake 2006) For dogs that wear them for in yard containment systems, this means that their own home is a source of fear and stress. (Shalke, Polsky 2000)
Dogs contained in invisible fences also are at risk from other animals. Larger dogs, coyotes, birds of prey and even other people all pose a risk to dogs kept in invisible fences. These animals can come in but your dog can not escape them.
Some dogs run past the trigger point, get shocked and are afraid to return to their yards, this puts them in physical danger from cars. Some dogs get shocked once and are afraid to even go into the yard. On the other end of the spectrum, there are dogs that know that the shock is not constant. The battery life of these collars is ridiculously low, some dogs learn quickly that they will not always get shocked, keep testing it until they don't get shocked, then escape.
In Atlanta, earlier this year, a police officer shot a Golden Retriever who was charging towards him. The dog was in an invisible fence, the officer was unaware the fence existed and fatally shot the dog.

Moreover, the name "Stubborn dog" is grossly inaccurate. Dogs lack the developed frontal lobes that people have. They are incapable of being stubborn, that is a human projection. What people see as stubborness is really just a dog not comprehending what it is we want. All a dog is capable of understanding is whether or not something is harmful, beneficial or neutral. It is a tragedy for people to teach their dogs that we are anything but beneficial.

With all the good stable fences that exist, why would anyone risk their dogs health and well being on shit products like this?

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PetSafe Stubborn Dog System Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence 3

Some dogs are harder to contain and train because they are stubborn. This becomes a problem for their dog owners. But thanks to Petsafe, there's a solution now in containing stubborn dogs.

The Petsafe Stubborn Dog Fence is ideal in teaching large dogs that are difficult to train. It cover 1/3 of an acre but this coverage can be expanded with extra feet of wire gauge. This system also allows containment of more than 1 dog. If you want to contain 2 to 3 dogs, just add an extra receiver.

Learn more about this Petsafe containment system from They also offer the best deals on Petsafe products.

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