Oahu, HI, USA

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Oahu, HI, USA 5

Aloha. Yes Honolulu has been overrun by Chinese merchants and haoles America.. many years ago immigrants came to work the sugar cane and they breeded out the native Hawaiian who are 3rd class citizens in our own land... so dont expect to get much aloha in Waikiki or if you go off the path in the country...not like the old days. Country people are not friendly and it is not safe to hitchhike. Waikiki is no more da kine Hawaiian food, replaced by American culture, franchise restaurants, Cartier and ABC stores on every corner.

But Hawaii is magical, healing and has the best climate in the world. Where is the Aloha is in everything and everyone. The most desired island in the world is Hawaii. Hula is the world's most beautiful dance and sacred art of the native Hawaiian who struggles to stave off elimination and genocide.

Waikiki You can get a surf lesson for $40 front of Dukes, ride the waves. When you are in the water you get away from all the tourism... nature and the water is the sanctuary. Wear organic sunscreen and do not smoke on beach. Hawaii is the church where you give yourself to nature and feel the warmth of the sun, the healing sea, the colors of the volcanic soil and food growing everything. Where you realize what is most important in your miserable life.

Not everything is dream and fantasy in a commercial world ... the tail wags the dog in Waikiki, the Japanese love to shop and the main street is one big shopping mall with high end stores, sushi bars. and ABC Stores with cheap Hawaiian clothing made in China. Everything is made in China... even the next wave of tourism.... Not many Hawaiian hula girls left... more Japanese hula dancers than Hawaiian dancers. Dont need a car and you can ride bus from airport to hotels for $2.50.

But if you are backpacker you can get a $20 room at the Seaside or 3 hostels on Lemon road. There are plenty happy hours. Dukes on the Beach is the best and only restaurant you need to know in Waikiki.. that is also the best part of the beach on Sunday afternoon for there is music and dancing on the beach. If you want a surf lesson or canoe ride you go see Uncle Tommy at Dukes Bar. The Happy Hour at the Mai Tai bar at the Ala Moana has great music and is cheap and good food. If you like to walk you can walk Ala Moana beach park and then go to the shopping center across the street.

The Yardhouse has a big beer. The most expensive massage is Trump Spa. Rent a car for just one day and drive East around to North Shore is wonderful in the summer and in the winter when the waves are big and the surfers are back on island.

Oahu is still Hawaiian and it is still the portal between East and Western culture. It is the most sacred place on Earth.. and has unlimited power as it can catch the sun, wind and rain... and harness magnetic energy from the volcano goddess Pele.

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Oahu, HI, USA 5

good ole surf Mecca of the World, North Shore Oahu that is.. love the North Shore and have visited once a year for the past 8 years, just go to www.Northshore.com to see what I mean. Cheers!

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