Aquaman is the King of the underwater city of Atlantis. Because he can communicate telepathically with ...
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Added on 06/14/2005
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Aquaman 5

Nice!! Recommended to all.

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Aquaman 4

if you want the best superhero movies go to marvel

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Aquaman 3

I wanted to talk about these poop drenched DC movies that keep coming out but no one likes them so there aren't any items about them.

Marvel comics have cool characters for the kids. They're a little street smart, a touch comedic and occasionally an "epic" story comes out showcasing them and building their hype.

DC comics are mostly about these archetypal, boring, Greek god type characters. Most of their "epic tales" fall flat in their mainstream titles. DC has dozens of 'alternate universe' versions of events, however. "The Dark Knight Returns", "Kingdom come", and really even "The Watchmen" are examples.

So what happened was Marvel based it's movie juggernaut on an alternate reality title called "The Ultimates" and DC based it's multi movie deal on... beer commercials and pro-wrestling apparently.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman were okay though, if a little boring.

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Aquaman 5

In the animated series he was best in the first since he was cleanly shaven and had no beard with short, sliked back hair and the good costume he still retained his old comic charm. Timm and company really screwed up when they made him in Justace League they made him moody and mean like the 4th comic version. If they do him in an other episode I hope he has the magic water hand instead of the lame harpoon. I have to admit with the beard in the JLA he looked hansome still I liked the first better. And to add another thing what's with the new ruff and angry Aquaman he was so much better nice. The best thing to do with his animated character is get him a hair cut but keep the beard maybe loose the earrings. But he's a good character and deserves to be a full time member of the JLU!

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