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I protest quite strongly the fact that Harpo's name is even on this list and I urge the listmaker to remove it. Unlike Groucho and Chico, Harpo had no funny lines so everything that he did was visual. He always played a character that was sweet in nature yet was always mixed up in the middle of whatever trouble the Marx Brothers were in for that particular film. The script writers did not know what to write for Harpo so when a scene was to be filmed with him they would often write "Harpo does something funny" and then left it up to him and most people agree that he succeeded more than he failed. Although Harpo had abandoned speaking roles during the brother's vaudeville days, the character that we know as Harpo came about when a play was written for the brothers and the writer forgot to include Harpo in the script. He went on stage and ad libbed for the entire performance and was such a success that from that point forward he adopted the personna that we know. He was also the only brother who had a stable marriage and many times the children of Groucho and Chico would go over to Harpos house because it was peaceful. He had a house with 5 front windows and he had 5 children because he said he wanted a kid waving hello to him from every window in the house. He taught himself to play the harp which is no small feat in itself, (he also played the piano) and he did some serious dramatic acting on some 1950s television programs. A visual comic who is beloved by all Marx Brother's fans, a self taught musician, a frequent guest star on early TV shows such as Milton Berle and I Love Lucy, a child in an adult's skin who had a stable marriage and home life, Harpo Marx was anything but stupid. Putting his name on this list is a mistake that needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

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