Palm Treo 700w

Added on 05/10/2006
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Palm Treo 700w 5

Call customer support before and after you buy this phone/pda. The instruction manuals and CD's are useless. I spent 2.5 hours on a telephone date with Barbara from customer support and she showed me how to do things I could have never imagined. I can now sync my phone with my computer Outlook wirelesslessly. This means that all my e-mails, contacts and tasks are updated continuously without me having to do anything extra.

I also like the feel of this new "toy." It has many features that I find usefull like an excellent phone, web brousing and e-mail retreaval.

On the negative side, the keyboard is too small and hoard to use - I misspelled my friends name because I could not type it.

All in all, it is a five rating because I am in a good mood this morning and because Barbara was extremely helpful. Otherwise, it would be a 3.5.

Thanks for reading this and go out and get the 700 W only if you are an Outlook Juncky.

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